10 Adventure Instagram accounts you need to be following!

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After this week’s announcement, we thought we’d start getting your heart and mind ready to be adventuring again! We’ve scoured the best adventure Instagram accounts to find the most picturesque, to the most dangerous. Then narrowed them down to our top 10!

1) The Bucket List Family

It would be difficult to not include this family with over 2.6 MILLION followers! The second you check out their profile, you’ll totally see why!

They’ve travelled over 85 Countries together. Its amazing to see a family where the parents love to adventure just as much as the kids! Watching them experience new lands and cultures whilst being a normal family is something to be admired. If this doesn’t make you want to pack up your bag and head out with the family, I don’t know what will!

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2) AldoKane

The pinacle of adventure Instagram should be written in Aldo Kanes bio.

I have personally followed Aldo for a few years after he made a series of programmes with my CBBC hero Steve Backshall (Who could also have easily made it onto this list).

Aldo started his career in the Royal Marine Commandos and proceeded to become one of the youngest Snipers in the UK armed forces. He’s now a World Record-breaking extreme adventurer, and currently filming his new series Ocean Explorer – so head over to his Instagram now to see some amazing behind-the-scenes stuff!

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3) MarieandJakeSnow

As someone who has isolated from their partner for 90% of the past year, these guys have been chosen out of pure jealousy! Not only do they take the most stunning photos as they travel the world, it’s hard not to look at them and imagine you on these adventures with your loved ones too! These guys store 10/10 on the adventure Instagram scale!

Currently in Bali, their Insta account is a wonderous diary of their time together, showing everything from the early days to now, and I don’t think there is a single picture that doesn’t make me wish I was out exploring with them!

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4) SheIsTheLostGirl

As a personal friend and one of my first insights into the life of a wonderer, this account is an honest and helpful one to follow. If you’re ever considering packing your life into a van and travelling the world!

Having converted their own Van during the first lockdown. Beth and her boyfriend Jake are currently travelling around Europe experiencing the remote and stunning landscapes the continent has to offer!

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5) The #AdventureTravel Hashtag

So this one isn’t quite an adventure Instagram ‘account’, but will get you those amazing picturesque photos filling your feed in not time. You might even discover some unique accounts that aren’t on this list! To follow a hashtag, you type it into the search bar, click the blue follow at the top of the page.

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6) Jess.Wandering

A wannabe doctor turned adventurer Jess’ account is to be admired. Her mix of unique pictures and unreal locations put her account in a whole new league.

‘Some places always feel like coming home. But for me, home has never been a box with rooms, a yard, and white picket fence.’ This quote is taken from Jess’ website and sums up her profile perfectly.

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7) Debra_Searle_MBE

As an inspirational woman, and one of the people who inspired the idea for the Bucket List Company (Read our Article on ‘Where the Bucket List Company Came From’). It was hard NOT to include Debra. In 2002, Searle rowed across the Atlantic alone after her then husband and rowing partner, Andrew Veal, was rescued from their plywood rowing boat. So to clarify, she entered a row across the Atlantic, her partner had to retire early due to illness, and she continued on her own and FINISHED IT! Now if this doesn’t make you want to follow Debra, then nothing will!

In 2020, Debra was voted World’s #1 Female Motivational Speaker outside the US and #29 (Male and female) Worldwide. Not only will you get the odd throwback to her amazing adventures around the globe. You’ll also get your daily dose of YOU CAN DO THIS!

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8) FionaQuinn

Fionna Quinn, the first woman to complete a length of Britain triathlon after only getting on a bike for the first time as an adult at the age of 28! Just like Debra, Fiona is the epitome of If you want to do it, DO IT! Her Instagram is full of her training routines, her day-to-day life, and inspirational and mindset-changing posts. You’d be silly not to check her out!

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9) NickButterRun

Another AWESOME individual who found themselves bored in an office and leaped into the world of adventure, exploring, and making memories that will last a lifetime! This 4 x world record holder has achieved more in the last 8 years since he made that leap than most will in a lifetime. Which makes him the perfect person to follow if you need to inject some adventure back into your life!

With over 828 marathons in 196 countries, 89 Ultra distance runs, and 4 Expeditions under his belt, you’d probably struggle to find someone with an as impressive CV.

‘Goodbye worries, work and weekends, and hello to hills, hope, and happiness.’ – Nick Butter

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10 ) The Bucket List Company

Okay, so we’d be a little silly not to include ourselves on this list… It’s kind of my job as Social Media Manager… But I promise we deserve to be on this adventure Instagram list just as much as everyone else!

Whether you want to check out what happens on our trips, get up-to-date info on new trek dates, or just see the odd stunning landscape. Then our Instagram is perfect for you!

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