13 Reasons Why Gozo Should Be Your Next Scuba Diving Holiday

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Is Gozo any good for Scuba diving?

Maybe you’ve heard of Gozo, maybe you haven’t.  But if you’re into Scuba diving, you need to.

Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago, but it flies somewhat under the radar – with a population of around 37,000, and an area of 26 square miles, Gozo is a lovely, tranquil and quiet destination.

Oh, and it’s frickin’ incredible for diving. 

Here are 12 reasons why:


Malta’s only a three-hour flight from the UK, so it’s super easy to get to.  Plus, most of the low-cost carriers do direct routes, from the UK’s major airports, so the flights are both cheap AND short.

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Victoria, Gozo


Gozo also offers fantastic weather, particularly during April, May, October and November.

During those months, you can expect temperatures of between 20 and 25 degrees, while June, July, August and September can see the heat rising up to 32.

In February (the coldest month), the average maximum temperature of 15°C. 


On a diving holiday, the water temperature is always vital, and the average in Gozo is nice and high at 20.4°C. 

In winter, that dips down to 16.7°C, rising to 24.9°C in the summer, and dipping only slightly to 23.4°C in the autumn.


Alongside water temperature, visibility is key, and Gozo performs extremely well in that department, with super clear waters providing visibility of up to 30m.

Gozo Scuba Diving
13 Reasons Why Gozo Should Be Your Next Scuba Diving Holiday 1


As mentioned, Gozo’s pretty small, making it easy to get around.  If the wind picks up on the west side of the island, you can jump in the car and head over to the other side for calmer seas.

As a result, you’re very unlikely to loose any days’ diving from your trip, which can’t be said for lots of the other prime diving destinations. 


There’s a huge variety of diving on offer in Gozo, with a range of difficulty, catering for all levels of diver, from beginner to expert.

Shore diving dominates much of the diving in Gozo, but there’s also the option of boat diving if that’s your cup of tea.


A wreck always makes a dive more interesting, and Gozo offers three, in the waters at Xatt L’Ahmar at a depth of 40m.

MV Cominoland, Mv Karwela and the MV Xlendi can all be accessed from the shore and all three have been scuttled for diving – the Xlendi in 1999 and Cominoland and Karwela in 2006.

Scuba Diving Gozo
P31 Wreck, Comino


A stay on Gozo also gives you the option of jumping on a boat and heading to the island of Comino, and accessing several incredible dive sites.

The Comino Caves have to be seen to be believed – a spectacular site where the Count of Monte Cristo hid his treasure!

Comino also offers the wreck site of the P31 ex-naval patrol vessel – a perfect wreck dive for newly qualified divers.  Resting at 20m, new open-water divers can swim around the decks.

Taking a dive boat to Comino also means you can moor up and visit the Blue Lagoon and swim away from the crowds.

Blue Lagoon, Comino
Blue Lagoon, Comino


If you’re looking to get qualified, there aren’t many better places than Gozo.

There are currently 16 different dive centres to choose from, catering for a range of skills, making Gozo a fantastic family diving destination.

Divers on Padi Open Water Course - Xlendi Bay
Divers on Padi Open Water Course – Xlendi Bay

#11 GOZO SCUBA DIVING SITES (Including the famous Blue Hole!)

The Blue Hole, Gozo
The Blue Hole, Gozo

Of course, the main reason you go on any diving holiday: the dives.  And happily, the dive sites in Gozo are spectacular, with incredible underwater togography – you can expect everything from deep caverns to calm bays, with plenty of swim-throughs.

The world-famous Blue Hole is unmissable – an unforgettable dive into clear waters, where you can enjoy big drop-offs, grottos and generally stunning underwater scenery, with plenty of marine life to look at too.

Cathedral Cave is also worth a visit, while the Reqqa Point or Reqqa Reef dive in Ghasri is also a great option.

The Inland Sea dive is probably the most spectacular dive site in the area, offering beautiful lighting effects and plenty of marine life, and it’s close to the Blue Hole – they can be both be done on the same day.

Inland Sea, Gozo
Inland Sea, Gozo

Gozo also offers the Billinghurst Cave – one of the longest cave dives around, while the Xlendi Bay Tunnel is a fantastic night-time dive in shallow waters for experienced divers, with plenty to see including brightly coloured sponges, starfish and other marine life on the cave walls.


You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Gozo accommodation, with everything from budget hotels through to top end accommodation like Ta Cenc Hotel and Spa, as well as apartments for hire and villa-style farmhouses, complete with pools.


Gozo isn’t large, which means it’s easy to travel around and see it all – a different town for dinner each night is very realistic, with the Boat House on the Front, the Otters Bistro in Marsalforn and Rew Rew at Mgarr IX-Xini three places well worth a visit

Finally, it’s just worth saying that Gozo is often rated as one of the top dive sites in the world – Diver magazine readers voted it second best destination in the world in 2016, number one in Europe.

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