Hot Air Balloon Flight

Take your Morocco adventure trip to new heights by adding on a hot air ballooning experience to your week!

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Day Breakdown

For this one day bolt-on experience, we drive to a destination just outside of Marrakech where your hot air balloon ride will take place.

We will arrive at the balloon flight takeoff zone before sunrise, and help the professionals set up for the flight. Of course, if you prefer you can simply warm up by the fire pit with a cup of freshly-brewed Moroccan mint tea.

Get some amazing behind-the-scenes shots before take-off time! Then, you will board the basket and begin to float off into the air. Gaze down over the lush green plains and mountain foothills as the sun rises in beautiful colours over the horizon.

You will see Morocco from a completely unique angle, peering down on rural villages and endless valleys from above. This is a peaceful and impressive way to end a fabulous trip.

hot air balloon Marrakech

Duration: 1 Days
Region: Morocco
Challenge Rating
Rating Two ">
From: £200pp

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