Rainbow Mountain Excursion

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Rainbow Mountain – it sounds like something out of a fantasy story, doesn’t it? However, the high Andes of Peru is home to the very real, and very spectacular Vinicunca. This is the real-life Rainbow Mountain, and it is incredible.

Layer upon layer of sediment have formed a strikingly colourful mountain, with strokes of red, lavender, yellow, turquoise, black and white all intermingling on the gentle slopes. Amongst locals in the Cusco area, the mountain is considered sacred, and when you visit you will see why. It truly is breathtaking to behold.


Day Breakdown

Day Breakdown

For the layman, Rainbow Mountain would be almost impossible to find – but with our expert local guides, you’ll have no problem!

We will leave early in the morning, driving to the community of Cusipata, passing beautiful scenery such as Tintinko, Rio Tigre and the Mountain of Surina. This is a stunning journey, and you might spot llamas, alpacas and vicunas along the way.

The walk takes around 1.5 hours, climbing up the Red Valley, past the Nevado Ausangate and several picturesque lagoons, before arriving at the viewpoint where you can take in the majesty of the whole mountain in all its multi-coloured grandeur.

Learn about the science behind the curious colours with our tour guide whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a tasty snack, before heading back through the Red Valley’s striking trails.

The Red Valley, Peru
Duration: 1 Days
Region: Ecuador
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