The Benefits of Surf and Yoga…

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It’s commonly known that some of the benefits of Surf and Yoga are that it’s good for personal fitness. What isn’t talked about is how it can help mentally! After what has been probably one of the most chaotic years in our lifetimes, we are all going to be looking for something to help heal our souls.

Healing the body, healing the mind and ultimately, healing the soul!

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Downward-Facing Dog. Happy Baby. Half Lord of the Fishes. See we totally know what we’re talking about!

Yoga is good for so much, Self-confidence, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss, Muscle Strengthening, a Stress Reducer,  to name a few! So, it’s going to be the perfect remedy if your soul is in need of some healing!

The meditative aspects and breathing techniques help you control your body and mind. They also help you stay in charge of how clear your thoughts are, help you connect with yourself again and increase your ability to discover the calmness in your life.

Whilst flexibility and strength are well-known benefits of yoga, many people find it helps them discover themselves as well! They have no mirrors in a Yoga studio to encourage you to look inwards rather than at your exterior.

After doing Yoga people report that they are more focused, more at peace and more in control of their body and their mind. All paving the way for a healthy and happy soul!

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The physical benefits of surfing are quite obvious, fitness is needed or developed to help you maintain your stance, help you paddle your way out from or into shore, or even just carrying your board from the car down to the beach all gets your heart pumping, your muscles working, and your lungs breathing. But what’s lesser known is the physiological benefits from Surfing.

For surfers, mindfulness is important when you’re out on the waves, as a failure to recognize your surroundings can cause a wipeout. It’s crucial that surfers are keeping their eyes open so they are aware of what’s happening around them. Understanding your abilities and creating that self awareness is a perfect starting point for developing a healthy mind/body relationship.

Just like Yoga, meditation is a common activity that comes hand in hand with Surfing. Grounding yourself, calming your body and mind, and getting yourself ready to become one with nature. 

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If you’re finding it hard to cope with the world at the moment you can find a list of helplines and support on the UK GOV website here – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/

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