Best Time To Climb Mount Toubkal

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Mount Toubkal in Morocco is the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains. Reaching the summit provides trekkers with incredible panoramic views of the Atlas Mountain Range. 

To have the best enjoyment of these views and the journey getting there, you’ll want to start your adventure at the right time of year. Trekking when the conditions are best will make your climb a little easier and safer for you.

When is the Best Time to Climb Mount Toubkal?

April to May & September to October

That is the quick answer but let’s look into a little more detail.

At the Bucket List Company we have been offering our Mount Toubkal Treks in both the Spring, Autumn and Winter seasons. All of these seasons have something to offer potential trekkers.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

The spring months of April & May and the autumn months of September and October offer the best temperatures whilst trekking in the high Atlas. Trekking during these times allow you to avoid the extreme temperatures in summer and the cold of the winter months.

During the spring you are going to see the wildflowers emerging from the winter and the landscape is going to be at its greenest. 

Village on the Mount Toubkal Trek
Best Time To Climb Mount Toubkal 1

In June, July and August the temperatures in Marrakech will be in the high 40’s. Although the temperature will drop in the High Atlas by around 10 degrees this still makes for uncomfortable trekking on the lower sections of the trek.

Best Time to Trek Mount Toubkal

September and October are considered to be the best time for many to partake in a Mt Toubkal Trek. Morocco is getting quieter from the busy summer tourist scene and temperatures are back down to the mid 20’s. There is normally little or no snow on the mountain that is going to cause you any problems.

Mount Toubkal in Winter

Many people love the challenge of a winter climb on Toubkal. If you have experience of using crampons and ice axes then winter ascents happen between October and April. The snow usually starts again towards the end of October and November. We have always found February to be a good time for our winter ascents of Toubkal

Snow on the summit of Mount Toubkal in Winter
Best Time To Climb Mount Toubkal 2

Mount Toubkal Weather

Average Mount Toubkal Temperatures

Month Minimum  Maximum
January 3 17
February -2 19
March 2 21
April 3 23
May 7 26
June 12 26
July 18 27
August 18 26
September 15 25
October 4 18
November -1 12
December -4 13

Whenever you decide to trek Mount Toubkal you are going to have a great time. My only advice is take your time and don’t opt for the 2-day up and down trip. Firstly you don’t have enough time to acclimatise and secondly you are going to miss out on some stunning scenery of the high Atlas Mountains!

You can check out our spring and autumn trekking dates as well as our Mount Toubkal winter ascents by clicking the links.

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