The Bucket List Company Story

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The Story of The Bucket List Company

In September I found myself at the National Entrepreneurs Convention in Birmingham. The event was organised by Nigel Botterills Entrepreneurs Circle. One of the great things about these events are the quality of the guest speakers.
We were lucky enough to know we were going to have the honour of listening to Steve Wozniak (founder of Apple) but there was also a surprise guest speaker, known only to us as Mrs X.

We were then introduced to Debra Searle, someone I had never heard of! In hindsight, I should of known Debra from the industry I work in, but also from the fact Debra lives in Plymouth (my home town).

Debra started to tell her story of rowing the Atlantic, it was an amazing story that grabbed the attention of the 750 people sat in the ICC. I was sat there taking in the story, and the reaction from the audience. I could hear people around me talking about what they wanted to achieve, and then it hit me! ‘The Bucket List Company’ – Surely someone has a company named this already?

Well, as I typed the domain name into google on my iPad, it became apparent that no one had had my idea – it was available! I bought it there and then and that, as some may say, is history.

Had I not sat and listened to Debra on that Monday morning I might not be sat here writing this blog post on my new website.

Thank You and I hope to see you on one of our adventures in the future.

Keith Crockford

P.S – what I didn’t mention was that I nearly hadn’t gone to the morning session of the conference as a large group of us had gone to the casino, and I didn’t get back to the hotel until 5am. Lesson here – Always get out of bed – you never know what the day is going to give you.

Go and have an adventure this year!

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