Christmas Present Guide for Adventure Travellers

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There are just a couple of weeks left until Christmas, and if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one who is an adventurer at heart, we’re here to help!

Here at The Bucket List Company, we are travellers through and through, so we know exactly what to get for someone with a serious case of wanderlust. From travel tech to trekking equipment, stocking fillers to personalised travel-themed items and even adventure trips themselves, there are so many options to choose from.

Keep reading our ultimate Christmas gift guide for adventure travellers for all the best Christmas gift ideas for travellers in 2019!

Big travel gifts

Looking for a stand-out Christmas gift that will make that special someone’s day? For that adventure traveller that you really want to treat, you can’t go wrong with these awesome Christmas gifts.


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Every adventurer needs a GoPro. Whether your loved one is into cycling trips or winter sports holidays, a GoPro will allow them to capture the rush of their bucket list adventures on camera. GoPros are made for adventure – they’re small, lightweight, waterproof and able to be attached to everything from helmets to handlebars, creating awesome footage of any activity. The GoPro Hero 8 is the latest, highest quality version, with features such as TimeWarp making it ideal for even the most ambitious videographer!


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Gift your travel-obsessed loved one a Kindle this Christmas and they’ll be thanking you with every flight, every transfer and every delay, mercifully entertained with thousands of books at their fingertips. There are a few different options at various price points, but the most versatile is the Kindle Paperwhite.

Diving watch

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Do you know someone who dreams of learning to dive in some exotic location? Or someone who is already an experienced diver and loves nothing more than exploring the underwater world on epic diving holidays? These gadgets might seem pricey, but they are invaluable for keeping divers safe – showing how deep they are, how long they have been submerged and much more. There are plenty of options to choose from, like this dive watch on Amazon.

SPOT GPS Tracker

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If your partner, child or any other loved one just can’t stop themselves from going off on crazy adventures, this is a gift that will be as much for your peace of mind as it is for them. The SPOT GPS Tracker is a device that provides live tracking for adventurers so that their loved ones can track them (and make sure they’re safe!) via a web link. As the brand says, it “works in areas of the world where no other forms of communication exist, including oceans, deserts and mountains” – and it also allows users to send a daily message to select phone numbers. Better yet, there is an emergency rescue button for absolute peace of mind if you opt for the annual subscription add-on. So sit back and relax, your intrepid adventurer is in good hands!

Bucket List trip

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Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas gift that your adventurous loved one will never forget? There couldn’t be a better gift for a partner or family member with a serious case of wanderlust than booking them a Bucket List trip! Help them get that next big item ticked off – whether it’s the Inca Trail Peru Machu Picchu trip or the Great Wall of China trek.

Trekking gear

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who is obsessed with hiking? Make their next trekking adventure even more enjoyable by gifting them one of these brilliant items to take their trekking gear to the next level!

Water-to-Go bottle

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One of the most commonly-asked questions we get about trekking kit is how hikers should filter their water. There are various options here, but without a doubt, our favourite is to use a Water-to-Go bottle. These clever lightweight bottles are one of the quickest and safest ways to filter water on an adventure – you simply fill the bottle up from any running water source (except salt water!), place the filtering lid back on and drink! The bottle filters viruses, bacteria and everything you could possibly need – it has even been proven to work on water from the Ganges! This is a fantastic gift to keep your loved one safe and save them money (and plastic!) on disposable water bottles. Better still, you can use our discount code, ‘BLC15‘, for 15% off!

Jedz bottle

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If your favourite hiker always struggles to stay warm on the trail, why not treat them to an insulated bottle to take along with them? Our favourites are Jedz bottles – which were created by a very entrepreneurial Bucketlister, John Thompson and his son, Ed. These nifty bottles will keep your drink warm for 12 solid hours and are leak-free, condensation-free, and BPA free. Perfect for carrying a steaming hot cup of tea, or even hot chocolate to enjoy on the summit. You can get 20% off your Jedz bottle order with our code, ‘BUCKOFF20‘.

Horizon Socks

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Now we know that socks are a bit of a contentious Christmas presents – but for hikers, they are actually a really great gift. And these ones are special, we promise! Horizon Socks are a great choice for a stocking filler or affordable gift for a hiker – warm, breathable and durable. Whether you choose their Merino Trekker socks or a premium Mountaineer sock, they’ve got you covered! We are currently selling Horizon Socks ourselves at brilliant discounts – so give us a shout at [email protected] if you’d like to order some this Christmas!

Gear tape

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There’s nothing worse as a trekker than heading out for a chilly day’s hike, only to find that your down jacket has a hole in it! But it’s happened to us all, so why not gift your favourite adventurer a fun, affordable item to fix it? These Gear Aid tape patches are a handy way to cover any rips or holes, keeping your clothing warm and waterproof – and they come in unique shapes!

Sea to Summit Air Chair

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Now, if your gift recipient is a keen wild camper, this genius item is sure to brighten up their evenings by the tent. The Air Chair by Sea to Summit is the ultimate packable and lightweight camp chair that can be used literally anywhere. This is a nifty gadget that turns your Sea to Summit sleep mat into a seat to keep you warm and cosy wherever you want to sit on the trail – and it even has a backrest! Perfect for the lunch break.

Hut boots

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One more gift that you could give to your loved one to add a little bit of luxury to their next trekking adventure is a pair of hut boots. These are the perfect accessory to keep those feet warm at camp and in the tent after a long day of hiking. We love these RAB Hut Boots, which give your ankles that little bit of extra insulation, too.

Travel accessories

Whether you’re on the hunt for some travel-themed stocking fillers for a wanderlust-fuelled loved one, or you’ve got the office adrenaline seeker in Secret Santas, these travel accessories make for the perfect present at a lower price-point.

Noise-cancelling headphones

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Ask any of our Bucket List guides what is something that they always carry whilst travelling, and they will all tell you the same thing: noise-cancelling headphones. These are a lifesaver for regular travellers, giving peace and quiet during flights, transfers and – for trekking enthusiasts – when sleeping in huts. Your favourite adventurer is guaranteed to appreciate their own pair of noise-cancelling headphones to take on their next trip. There are lots of models to choose from, but we recommend the TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for a lightweight, packable and budget-friendly option.

Waterproof phone case

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There’s nothing more annoying than going to take a photo on your phone – or, worse, call for assistance – during a day out exploring than finding it flat and broken due to water damage. Outdoorsy folk all know this feeling, and if you want to save your loved one from experiencing it during their next rainy hike or watersports adventure then a waterproof phone case is perfect. We like this case for its easy-to-use snap and lock seal clip, which gives the case a tight, durable seal that has been tested at 30 metres underwater. So, whatever phone your loved one has, and no matter how rainy it gets on their adventures, they will be put at ease with this super-practical gift.

Travel pillow

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Give the gift of comfort to, and help your loved one get those all-important extra hours of sleep on the plane to their next adventure travel destination by gifting them a travel pillow. There are more choices than you could count on this front, but when it comes to adventure travel, your loved one will be after something effective, lightweight and – importantly – packable. No one wants to be trying to stuff a pillow in their rucksack when they’re off to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp! We’d recommend the TRTL Pillow, which feels like a fleecy scarf to wrap around your neck, but features ergonomic neck supports. Better yet, it packs down flat and only weight 148 grams!

Solar charging tent lamp

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If your loved one is a keen camper, a solar-charging lamp makes a brilliant stocking filler. Give them independence from electricity supplies and keep them safe at night with this handy gadget. One of our favourites is the LuminAID Packlite Nova Camping Light. It charges, all folded away, throughout the day on your backpack, and then you can expand it and turn on the light come evening!

Dry bags

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This might not be the ‘sexiest’ gift ever, but it’s definitely a useful one for any adventure traveller. Dry bags are essential for keeping your clothes and kit dry during a trek in case it rains, or even for watersports like a white water rafting trip. They are also really helpful for separating different types of clothing and compressing your kit down to save space. A set of drybags in varying sizes would be a really practical gift any adventurer would love. There are plenty of brands to choose from, but many travellers vouch for Exped’s drybag range.

World travel adaptor

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Another basic but brilliant stocking filler for a travel enthusiast would be a world travel adaptor. Give one of these handy gadgets to your loved one and they’ll never have to worry about whether they’ve got the right plug for the sockets in their next destination again. This MyTravelPal one gets our vote because it can be used in over 200 countries, and has four USB ports with smart charge, surge protection and resettable fuse, plus a sleek travel bag.

Portable luggage scale

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who you know is soon going off to do something super adventurous like climb Mount Kilimanjaro or trek the Annapurna Circuit, a portable luggage scale could be a really useful gift. It might not sound that exciting, but let us tell you – we’ve had a lot of Bucketlisters who probably wish they’d had one of these during their trips. There are weight restrictions on how much porters can carry – and limits for things like flying from Kathmandu to Lukla in Nepal – so it’s super useful to have a portable luggage scale you can take to check you’re all good.

Battery pack

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When you’re trekking in a rural destination, plugs can be hard to come by – but we all want to keep our phones charged up so we can stay safe – and take photos! If your loved one goes on lots of trekking trips, a powerbank is a brilliant gift. We recommend the RAVPower RP-PB41 26800 mAh External Battery Charger because it doesn’t rely on solar energy (which can sometimes be hard to come by on the trail!), has three USB ports and can charge an iPhone 6 ten times over! Check out our video on battery packs to find out more…

Hidden pocket scarf

Do you have a loved one who is going on their first big adventure, and is feeling a little nervous about keeping their valuables safe? If so, you need to get them a hidden pocket scarf! These nifty accessories may look like an ordinary tube scarf, but they have secret pockets for storing phones, money, passports – whatever you want! And there are plenty of unique patterns to choose from to reflect the recipient’s style.


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We all want to get amazing photos from our travels, but no-one wants to lug around the full-sized gear. A heavy tripod is the most cumbersome of the photographer’s arsenal, so why not gift your loved one a small, portable and impressively sturdy Gorillapod? These are perfect for trekkers, and have legs that can be bent around all kinds of objects for unique angles. We like this model, as it can carry anything up to a DSLR camera.

Travel-themed gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveller who already has everything? Why not buy them one of these unique travel-themed presents to show off their exploring props?

The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Guide

kili guide

Is climbing Kili on your loved one’s bucket list? If so, they’ll find everything they need to know about climbing Africa’s highest peak in The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Guide, authored by Bucket List Company owner, Keith. This bestselling book covers everything from the people and culture of the region to which route to take, to costs, equipment and health considerations – plus lots more. You can sign up for a hard copy here.

Scratch map

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If you know someone who just LOVES to talk about all of their travel adventures, why not give them real bragging rights with their very own travel scratch map? These make for the perfect centrepiece on a wall, and allow your loved one to scratch off all of the countries they’ve visited on their adventures.

Travel journal

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Alternatively, if your loved one still has lots of adventures they want to tick off their list, why not buy them their own travel journal? With this lovely gift, they can scratch off the destinations they visit as they go in eight map pages, as well as planning their trips with checklists, and recording their experiences with a diary. This is the perfect place to record all of their travel memories and collect photos, tickets and more in one special place.

Training Weekend

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Does your loved one already have an amazing Bucket List trip booked? If so, why not help them prepare for the adventure by booking them on to one of our Training Weekends? These weekends are a perfect way for them to meet their fellow Bucketlisters ahead of their trip, over an enjoyable weekend of hiking in the UK. They will learn about altitude sickness, equipment and much more – prepping them for the ultimate adventure!

The Bucketlister subscription

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Finally, if you want to give your loved one endless travel inspiration – at no cost at all – why not sign them up for a subscription to The Bucketlister? This is our quarterly travel magazine, where we share countless articles, trip reports and tips – all for free! All you have to do is sign up here.


There are our top suggestions for what to buy an adventure traveller for Christmas this year! If you’d like any more suggestions or guidance on buying your loved one a Bucket List adventure for Christmas, feel free to contact us on 01769 309 003. And happy shopping!

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