Do You Need A Guide To Climb Mount Toubkal?

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Do You Need A Guide To Climb Mount Toubkal?

Can you climb Mount Toubkal without a guide? No

The answer to this question changed several years ago and there are still lots of articles on the internet that answer this question wrong. 

Before 2019 you were able to trek in the Toubkal National Park without being escorted, but this all changed in 2019 after the tragic murders in December 2018 of two young European women just outside of Imlil.

You are now required to be escorted by a local guide from Imlil to the refuge and then the summit. There are now checkpoints on the route where passports and Guide identification are now checked. 

The checkpoint is in Aroumd, a few kilometers from Imlil. The check point is manned everyday with a member of the Gendarmerie Royal as well as a local representative from the Local Authorities.

I have climbed Mount Toubkal many times and have always been escorted by a Local Moroccan Guide and feel this is the right thing to do for many reasons.

Firstly, the local guides know everyone on the trail and at the refuge. If they need help they can get it for you quickly. 

The route up to the summit of Mount Toubkal from the Refuge can also be confusing (especially in snow conditions), the number of times we have had solo travelers joining on to the back of our groups and following us up the mountain was plentiful.

Do you need a guide to climb mount Toubkal?

Where can you find a Guide for Mount Toubkal?

There are several ways to book your trek up to Mount Toubkal. If you type in Mount Toubkal Trek as a google search it will come up with lots of options of companies that offer this trek from the UK like us, The Bucket List Company. You can then book a trip and get everything organised before you go.

One question to ask yourself though is – Which Trek am I going to do for Mount Toubkal? You can trek Mount Toubkal in 2-days and this is something as a company we try and get people to avoid. I wrote a blog ‘How Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Toubkal?’ which will give you my reasons on this.

Another option is for you to arrive in Marrakech and find a local provider who are selling excursions on the streets. There are plenty of local operators in Marrakech who are touting for business and selling trips and treks. 

The final option is for you to get yourself a transfer to Imlil and speak with the Bureau des Guides (Tourist Office in Imlil) and get them to organise you a Guide for your trek.

You will probably need to have an additional night’s accommodation in Imlil to make sure you have time to get everything sorted.

Approximate Costs For Climbing Mount Toubkal

Local Qualified Mountain Guide –  £50 Per Day 600 MADS

Accommodation in Imlil –  £15-£50 a night

Accommodation at Refuge – £14-£17 a night

Food at the Refuge – Breakfast £2, Lunch £4, Dinner £6

Mule Hire (With Handler) – £15 per day.

There are many options for you to climb Mount Toubkal, and there is an option for all budgets. 

If you would like everything to be organised for you then check out our 8-Day Toubkal trek which includes a 4-Day trek to summit Mount Toubkal.

Our package includes 2 nights in Marrakech (B&B), ½ Day Tour of Marrakech, Toubkal 4 Day Trek including all meals, Muleteers & Local Guides.

Click the Link for more information on our Mount Toubkal Trek. We also offer a trip in February every year which we class as our Winter Toubkal Trek. This takes a different route to our standard Toubkal treks and gives the option for 2 Mountain summits during your trek. We also expect the need for Crampons and Ice Axes on the Winter Trek. 

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