Do You Need A Visa For Morocco From The UK?

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If you’ve got adventure on your mind and in your heart, there aren’t many places better to put your dreams into action than Morocco. With desert, sea AND mountains all within the borders, there are SO many reasons to stick this amazing country on your Bucket List. 

But getting there’s another matter – so if you’ve just tapped “do you need a visa for Morocco From The UK?” into Google, there’s good news, you’re in the right place.  

In this quick read, we’ll tell you all about the entry requirements for Morocco from the UK and point you in the right direction to get everything you need. 

But if you’re short on time and you want to know quickly whether you need a visa for Morocco from the UK, scroll to the bottom for our fast facts list. 

Do you need a visa for Morocco from the UK?

Here’s the short answer you want: NO, you DON’T need a visa for Morocco from the UK. 

For up to 90 days, visitors from a few different nations can visit Morocco without a visa. Those countries include Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, the EU, and Canada, and if you’re travelling from any of these places you do not need a visa to visit Morocco.

So what DO you need? It goes without saying that you must have a passport with at least six months of remaining validity to travel to Morocco, and you’ll also need proof that shows your intention to leave within 90 days (like a return ticket). Depending on when you travel you might need proof of a Covid vaccine too (more on that in a mo). 

When you arrive in Morocco, just make sure your passport gets stamped or you might have problems trying to leave the country.

day 2 essaouira
view on old city of Essaouira in Morocco

Which countries can enter Morocco without a visa? 

The list is pretty long, and thankfully we’re on it, so you don’t need a visa for Morocco if you’re travelling from the UK. Here’s the full list of countries that can enter Morocco without a visa:

Algeria, Andorra, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Congo*, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Greece, Guinea*, Hong Kong (with a stay of no more than 30 days), Hungary (with a stay of no more than 30 days), Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Mali*

*An electronic authorization is necessary for these nations (AEVM).

Applying for a visa to Morocco 

If you’re travelling for any country not listed above, you’ll likely need to apply for a visa at the Moroccan embassy or consulate. Best to check your country’s travel guidelines for Morocco before booking any tickets. 

To find out everything you need to know on visa types and requirements, pay a visit to the consular website for Morocco for your nation, complete any forms required and make a payment for the processing fee.  

Covid-19 entry requirements for Morocco

As with most countries, coronavirus vaccine and testing requirements for entry to Morocco are subject to change at short notice. You’ll find the most up to date information on the Travel Health Pro website HERE

Do you need a visa for Morocco from the UK

Do you need a visa for Morocco from the UK? Fast facts!

  • Passport validity: Have at least six months of validity when you enter
  • Blank pages in passport: Have one blank page for your entry stamp
  • Tourist visa requirement: NONE! As long as you’re staying less than 90 days
  • Vaccination requirement: None there either
  • Covid-19 requirement: Check for most up-to-date info here
  • Currency restrictions: Declare large quantities at entry
  • Any other requirements: Proof of intention to leave (i.e. a return flight ticket)

So now you know the answer to the big question do you need a visa for Morocco, and it’s good news. If you’re an adventurer with trekking, climbing, rafting or surfing on your Bucket List, take your wanderlust to new levels with a quick look at our Africa destinations page.

There you’ll find everything from climbing Toubkal and white water rafting down the Ahansal river to surfing the Atlantic and trekking the Sahara – or why not see everything in our amazing Best of Morocco trip?! Don’t let life pass you by! 

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