Do You Need A Visa For Peru From The UK?

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Can I get from the UK to Peru without a Visa?

If you’ve just arrived here because you tapped do you need a visa for Peru from the UK into Google, you’re in luck, we’ve got your answer. And even better, it’s probably the answer you’re hoping for…

No, you normally don’t need a visa for Peru if you’re travelling from the UK.

Cool, hey? Now let’s make sure you really understand the rules before you get overexcited and book your trek to Machu Picchu

Do you need a visa for Peru from the UK? The details… 

Normally, if you’re travelling to Peru for tourism or for a visit, and you’ve got a valid, full British Citizen passport, that’s all you’ll need to enter.

If you’re travelling for any reason other than tourism, like for work or for residency, you’ll want to check entry clearance requirements before booking any tickets – you can do that with the Peruvian Consulate-General in London (make sure you translate the page if you don’t speak Spanish!!).

But do you need a visa for Peru from the UK for tourism purposes? The answer’s still no, and you’ll usually be granted permission to stay for up to 90 days when you enter the country. That’s enough time to trek all three routes to Machu Picchu – Lares, Salkantay AND the treasured Inca Trail!

Do You Need A Visa For Peru From The UK

All the criteria to travel from the UK to Peru without a visa

Hopefully you’ve got your answer to the do you need a visa for Peru from the UK question now, but here’s the full low-down on the criteria you need to meet to travel visa-free.

  • Foreign nationals must have a passport with a blank page and a six-month expiration date in order to travel without a visa.
  • You need to have proof of adequate funds.
  • You should have proof of onward and/or return tickets for travel out of Peru.
  • You must have all documentation needed for your next destination with you.
  • You should have documentation demonstrating the trip’s purpose of tourism (i.e. your arrangements for a Machu Picchu trek).

As these laws are subject to change without prior notice, it’s always worth checking with your airline that boarding is still authorised without a visa.

Do you need a visa if you enter Peru on land? 

Nope, not then either. As long as you get your entry stamps and you’re travelling on a valid, full British Citizen passport, you should be fine. 

If you’re travelling overland from Ecuador into Peru, you’ll need to get your Peruvian entry stamp at the local immigration office (most people enter through Aguas Verdes or Tumbes, and both cities have an immigration office where you can get the stamp). 

If you’re entering Peru from Bolivia, get your entry stamp at the immigration office in Desaguadero or Copacabana.

The six-month passport rule in Peru – always check your documents before you travel

You’d be surprised how many people have realised their passport’s out of date mere days before a Bucket List adventure. 

Usually results in a panicked trips to Peterborough of all places, to fast track a new one – which costs lots of fuel, more money spent on the actual passport and an awful lot of stress you’d probably rather avoid. 

So if you’re travelling to Peru – heck if you’re travelling ANYWHERE abroad – be sure to check your passport’s validity before you book, and renew it sharpish if there’ll be less than six months to go until it expires when you travel. 

What to do in Cusco

Peru is really strict on the six-month passport validity requirement too, so while the answer to your question do you need a visa for Peru from the UK is almost certainly a no, you definitely need to have six months on your passport when you travel. 

The only exception to this rule in Peru is for foreign residents living in Peru who hold a valid Peruvian residence card (carné de extranjería). If you’re in that camp, you don’t need to worry whether your passport’s still got six months’ validity on it – it just needs to not have expired already. Obviously.

Customs in Peru

There are a couple of customs rules to remember when you travel to Peru. You can take one laptop and two mobile phones free of charge, but any more than that and you’ll be paying taxes when you enter. 

It’s also worth noting that customs authorities in European airports frequently confiscate duty-free alcohol that’s been purchased in Lima airport. So if your route back home goes via an airport in Europe, best to buy your booze there, rather than in Lima. 

Travel to Peru and do Machu Picchu the best way possible with the Bucket List Company 

So there you have your answer: no, you don’t need a visa for Peru from the UK if you’re travelling for tourism. 

Trekking to Machu Picchu

And if Machu Picchu’s in your heart and on your Bucket List, then tourism will most certainly be the purpose of your trip! So now you know you don’t need a visa for Peru from the UK, the only thing left to do is decide which trekking route you’ll take to Machu Picchu

Each of the three routes we trek to Machu Picchu is amazing, and they all offer something a little different…

Salkantay is your best option if you enjoy hiking in the mountains and prefer a wilder, more difficult approach to Machu Picchu. Choose Lares for a quieter trek past lagoons and into nearby communities.

And, of course, the traditional Inca Trail is the only way to go if you want to do Machu Picchu like the Incas did.

Want to learn more about the many approaches to Machu Picchu and hear our founder Keith’s recommendation for the best one? Read our blog post on “Which trek to Machu Picchu?” HERE.

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