Why Going on Adventures Makes You Awesome!

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We know going on an adventure makes you a better person; this is because we see it in the people we take with us on our adventure trips every time!

There are a billion reasons why going on adventures makes you awesome, here are our top few that we’ve realised from experience of running a variety of Bucket List trips to diverse groups of people! 

Instagram – Because if you didn’t Instagram it, did you even go there? Having an Instagram full of account awesome pictures that you’ve taken on your adventures is definitely a really cool thing to have! People love seeing photos of incredible places and it will remind you of all the places you’ve been. How awesome would it be to post a picture of yourself at the highest point in Africa?

Ok, now for the real reasons!

Happiness – Going on adventures will make you happy because you get to relax, enjoy yourself, see new things and embrace a new culture. It feels good to take time for yourself and do something you really want to do, especially if there is a sense of achievement at the end of it, such as learning to scuba dive or reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ll become more confident and during the adventures learn how to be happy and see life in a different perspective. Also, the memories will provide you with a lifetime of happiness to reminisce and share with others.

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Chilled – You’ll be more relaxed and easy-going because when you’re on an adventure you are out of your daily routine and are therefore are more prepared to be spontaneous and do things that you wouldn’t usually do at home. This is a trait you will likely bring back with you, making you an awesome friend as you will make spontaneous plans that everyone will love and know how to properly chill out and relax!

Less materialistic – The more you travel and go to other countries and see how other people are living, the more it makes you realise that materialistic things don’t bring you as much happiness or complete your life as much as things that money can’t buy such as love, friendships, and laughter. Materialistic things only bring instant gratification, learning to live more simplistically results in a happier and more fulfilled life.

Better at conversations – You’ll find you naturally have more to talk about when you go places that require the dreaded small talk. This is made much easier and you will find you have common interests with people who have either been or want to go to the same places as you and there will be an instant connection. You’ll feel more confident talking to strangers and being in situations that are out of your comfort zone.

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More social – You’ll learn transferable skills on how to be social and have fun with people who maybe you wouldn’t necessarily socialise with if you hadn’t been on adventures before. You’ll learn to make friends with strangers and realise that the best friendships can come from two people with very different backgrounds who just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

More adaptable – Being able to hand difficult situations or change your plans when things don’t go the way you originally thought will be easier and less stressful because of the things you’ll have dealt with on your adventures. Common situations to occur when on an adventure include missed/delayed flights, getting lost and going the wrong way, being delayed and not knowing the best places to eat/socialise or visit. But this is all part of life! So being able to take it all in your stride and not get angry or blame anyone is what makes you awesome!

Adventurous – Being out of your comfort zone, trying new things and overcoming your fears will become part of your personality, it will be engraved in your mind-set! This could be a simple thing such as trying a new food that you never thought you’d like but you tried it on your adventure, or it could be massive achievements such as signing up to trek Everest Base Camp when you could never even dream about before your first adventure!

Become more open minded – Being open minded, grounded and having an appreciation of what you have around you is something that you pick up everyday subconsciously when you are on an adventure. Traveling to new places around the world and having an insight on how different people live, their values and perspectives will give you a more open view to your own life and what you have back at home. This will make you an awesome person as you’ll be more down to earth and friendlier, realistic and appreciative of everything and everyone around you that goes a long way!

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Smarter – You will naturally pick up knowledge from the places you have been to; the things you have seen and people you’ve met. Learning about the history, culture, and facts of places you’ve been and adventures you’ve been on is something you can’t learn in the classroom or from research, it is what you experience first hand that grows you as a person and enriches your life and wealth of knowledge.

We end each adventure we go on better than we started. One of the most exciting things about being about to embark on an adventure is that you never know what is going to happen or the memories you are going to create. I know from personal experience that going on an adventure changed me as well as all of the people I went with. You never know when you’re going to meet someone or see something that impacts you and changes your viewpoint on life and this is an awesome thing to experience!

It is true what they say – travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

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