A guide to travel visas for your Bucket List trip

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Our Complete Guide To Travel Visas

At The Bucket List Company, we try to make adventure travel as accessible as possible for our clients. We know that life moves fast, and many of us don’t have the time to plan every single element of our next big trip – but still want to tick off that bucket list experience. That’s why we book your flights, transfers, accommodation and organise your permits on our trekking adventures.

However, one thing that you do need to organise for yourself is getting your travel visas. The process of getting your travel visas will vary from trip to trip, depending on which country you are travelling to. In most cases, it is actually very easy, as long as you plan in advance.

But, understandably, we get a lot of questions from Bucketlisters who are booked onto our trips, asking about how they get their visas for travel, how long the process will take, and what they need to do.

So, we thought we would put together a handy breakdown of how to get your travel visas for every single Bucket List trip!


Do I need a visa for…

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Before you get carried away researching how to get your visa for your Bucket List trip, know that British citizens don’t actually need a visa for many of the countries we run trips in.

Here in the UK, we are very lucky to have the 6th strongest passport in terms of travel freedom, allowing travellers visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 183 countries and territories.

Here is a list of our trips and destinations where (as of July 2019) British citizens do not need a travel visa:

When visiting any of these destinations, your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. No additional period of validity beyond this is required. 

It’s always a good idea to double check before you travel, of course, because visa statuses could change – especially with Brexit looming. But as of this moment in time, for these adventures you don’t need to worry about visas at all. Result!

Now on to the countries where you will need to get a visa. The procedure for each of these destinations differs, but here is everything you need to know…

How to get a travel visa for Tanzania

Climbing Kilimanjaro

If you are planning to join us to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or cycle from Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro, you will need to get a visa.

British nationals require a tourist visa in order to visit Tanzania, and it must be processed in advance of your trip. However, this is an e-visa, meaning you can simply apply online.

When applying for your Tanzania visa, you will need to provide your passport details, then fill in the application form and declaration form, along with providing two passport-sized photographs and paying the visa fee of £40.

You should try to apply for your visa as soon as possible after booking your trip, and look out for a confirmation email containing your visa document. Print off at least two copies. It is also recommended to bring a couple of photocopies of your passport, along with a passport sized photo and your travel insurance documents when on your trip.

How to get a travel visa for Nepal

Annapurna Circuit trek

You will also need a visa for any of our trips in Nepal, be it the Mount Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Circuit trek or a mountaineering trip such as Mera Peak or Island Peak.

All British nationals need to organise a visa in advance or be prepared to apply for one on arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu in order to visit Nepal. You can get a visa here for £35, or pay on arrival to the airport. On arrival, a single-entry visa valid for 15, 30 or 90 days costs $25 USD, $40 or $100 respectively.

However, bear in mind that if you do decide to apply for your visa in the airport, you will need to present two passport-sized photos to do so. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your trip in Nepal, and it is wise to take a photocopy of it with you, along with your travel insurance documents.

How to get a travel visa for China

Great Wall of China trek

China is one of the stricter countries when it comes to applying for a travel visa. So, if you are joining us on a Great Wall of China trek, it’s essential to get your application in as soon as possible. If you apply early, you will have plenty of time for the consulate to process your application for a stress-free visa experience, but if you leave it too late you may have more difficulties. So get that application in early!

You’ve probably worked this out by now – but yes, British nationals do need to organise a visa in advance to visit China. To begin the visa application process, click here. Select the UK from the list of countries and choose the most convenient city for you.

Then you can register for an official application appointment at your preferred centre. During this appointment, biometric data (scanned fingerprints) will be taken. You can find out more information about the China visa application process on the Visa For China website.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your planned return flight when visiting China. As always, it is recommended to take a photocopy of your passport, two passport-sized photos and copies of your travel insurance documents on your trip to China.

How to get a travel visa for Russia

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A guide to travel visas for your Bucket List trip 8

If you’re planning to climb Mount Elbrus with us (and you should, it’s a phenomenal trip!) you will need to be prepared when it comes to organising your Russian visa.

British nationals require a visa in advance to visit Russia, and the process requires several steps. However, if you start early, you will have plenty of time to get it all sorted with no stress.

Before you apply for your Russian visa you need an invite from your tour operator and a tourist voucher.

Then, head to the visa entry website and select “single entry” and then “reason: tourism”. Click “will provide my own voucher”. Next, complete the short registration form and the website will checks it’s all good and organise your visit to the consulate – either in London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

Now you will need to wait for a letter of invitation to process your application at an embassy. This visit is mandatory, as they will take biometric finger print data for your application. In order to complete your application at your appointment, you will need to bring:

  • Your original passport
  • The visa application form
  • A recent passport-size photograph – no older than 6 months
  • Booking form
  • £185 visa fee (including express signed for delivery return of your passport)

There are various options for processing times, as short as a couple of days, but try to leave as long as possible to get your visa. You can find more information about obtaining Russian travel visas here

As with China, your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of your visa, and make sure to bring passport photocopies, passport-sized photos and travel insurance documents.

The Bucket List Company

So, there you have it – our complete guide to getting your travel visas for every single one of our bucket list adventures!

Of course, if you need extra guidance, feel free to give us a shout! Our team of adventure travel experts are always on hand to support you with any travel advice you may need – simply contact us today on 01769 309 007!

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