What Is The Highest Mountain In Europe?

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Mount Elbrus is the Highest Mountain in Europe

This comes as a surprise too many people who believe that Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe. When in fact Mont Blanc (4809m) in the French Alps only comes 7th on the list of the Highest Peaks in Europe.

How High is Mount Elbrus?

Mount Elbrus is 5642 metres (18,510 feet) above sea level.

Where is Mount Elbrus?

Mount Elbrus is located in Russia and part of the Caucasus Mountains. Being in Russia is the main cause of the debate that Elbrus can’t be the highest mountain in Europe.

Mount Elbrus and its glaciers are part of the European Continental plate. This is what makes it the highest peak in Europe, and therefore one of the Seven Summits.

Elbrus sits on the boundary between Europe and Asia. The location of the boundary has always had two definitions. 

Firstly, it could either be defined by the Kuma-Manych Depression or secondly by the Greater Caucasus watershed. If we are defining Mount Elbrus by the first, then in fact Elbrus would be classified as in Asia. However, the second definition has geologically been accepted as being correct. Therefore Mount Elbrus does sit in Europe and is therefore the Highest point on the continent.

Mont Blanc therefore is better described as the highest mountain in Western Europe.

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Is Mount Elbrus a Mountain?

Mount Elbrus is technically not a mountain but in fact an inactive Volcano. Elbrus is around 2.5 million years old and its last known eruption was in 50 C.E. Elbrus is the highest stratovolcano in Eurasia, but only the 52nd highest in the world.

Elbrus is also the 10th most prominent mountain in the world. The prominence of a mountain is the height of climb to the summit from a higher peak or sea level if there is no higher peak. Elbrus has a prominence of 4741 metres so it really stands out within the range and therefore gives amazing views from the summit.

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The 10 Highest Mountains in Europe

  1. Mount Elbrus, Caucasus Mountains, Russia – 5642m

  2. Dykh-Tau, Caucasus Mountains, Russia – 5250m

  3. Shkhara, Caucasus Mountains, Georgia – 5193m

  4. Koshtan-Tau – Caucasus Mountains, Russia – 5151m

  5. Mont Kazbek – Caucasus Mountains, Georgia – 5054m

  6. Tetnuldi – Caucasus Mountains, Georgia – 4858m

  7. Mont Blanc – European Apls, France – 4808m

  8. Mount Dzhimara – Caucasus Mountains, Russia – 4780m

  9. Ushba – Caucasus Mountains, Georgia – 4710m

  10. Monte Rosa – Swish Alps, Switzerland – 4634m


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