How Cold is Everest Base Camp?

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If you are thinking about or have already booked a trek to Everest Base then one question you might have is? How cold is Everest Base Camp? What is the Everest Base Camp weather going to be like? or what are the Everest Base Camp temperatures like?

Let’s have a look at the answers.

Unlike anything we’re used to, Nepal experiences five distinctly different seasons in a year: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter.

In southern Nepal during summer, temperatures can reach highs more than 40°C, while winter temperatures range from 5-25°C.

Altitude has a big influence on the average temperatures during each season. For example, the Kathmandu Valley enjoys pleasant average summer temperatures of 20°C – 35°C, and dips as low as 2°C – 12°C in winter.

Meanwhile in the mountainous northern regions, summer temperatures are more moderate, while winter lows are often below zero, bringing snow to the valley floors and making high passes impossible to cross.

On average, in the mountains, the temperature drops about 6°C for every 1000m of ascent.

Everest Base Camp Temperatures

Temperature for Everest Base Camp
How Cold is Everest Base Camp? 1

The trekking seasons in Nepal run from March through to May (which leads to the beginning of the monsoon seasons), and then through the autumn from October to December. Post-December, winter storms will generally bring heavy snow to the mountainous regions.

Everest Base Camp Rain Fall

How Cold is Everest Base Camp?
How Cold is Everest Base Camp? 2

Early in the spring season, temperatures will be warm, but there may still be low-lying snow. But, the nights are still very cold.

The monsoon runs from June to September and deters most trekkers due to the rain, mud, leeches and cloud-cover obscuring views of the mountains. Not a great recipe for an epic climb.

But the autumn season generally brings high-pressure weather, which means big, clear blue skies and warm temperatures – perfect!

One site I use all of the time for forecasts is mountain-forecast.com. If you click the link it will take you straight to the Everest page, and you can select the forecast elevation of 5000m or 6000m. This will give you a guide for the next 11-days at Base camp.

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