How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Maldives?

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The Maldives is probably the paradise you’ve had on your Bucket List for a long time now – but it’s not exactly close by when you’re starting out from the UK, or anywhere really. So exactly how much does it cost to go to the Maldives and tick it off the Bucket List in style?  

The chain of idyllic islands scattered across the Indian Ocean is known for its rolling white sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. It’s a dream destination for many – but that dream can only become reality if you’ve got the funds – so on this page we’ll answer the wanderluster’s perennial question: how much does it cost to go to the Maldives?

Let’s dive into the details of the Maldives costs, to help you plan your Bucket List adventure without any financial surprises.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Maldives For More Than A Week?

Those long-haul flights mean most people prefer to visit the Maldives for more than a week (if you’re making all that effort, why do just a week?!). Take a look at any of your standard travel websites though and you’ll notice there’s a pretty hefty price tag on paradise. 

For Maldives costs you’re often looking at paying upwards of £5,000 during peak season for a 10-day, 4-star all-inclusive type trip. On a “Real Maldives” adventure with the Bucket List Company though, you benefit from small group prices, AND get to grips with the real Maldivian culture beyond the beach bungalows too. 

Our 10-day Real Maldives adventures start from just £2,995 – click here to find out more.

Drone Shot, Maldives

How Much Does It Cost To Fly To The Maldives?

Maldives costs for flying can vary widely depending on your departure city, the time of year, your chosen airline, the number of stops you make, and how early you book your flight. Generally though, for international flights to Malé, the capital, expect to pay between £500 to over £2,000. 

There’s only one airline currently running direct flights to Malé from the UK, and that’s British Airways. A round trip with them will set you back around £1,100 (sometimes more) – so do look around and see if you can bring this price down. Look at other providers, add in a stop or two during your journey and you’ll find you can knock that price down substantially – and sometimes even by half. 

Just remember, if you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, start planning as far out as possible to give yourself the best shot at bringing down those flight prices.

How Much Do Domestic Flights Cost In The Maldives?

Once you’ve landed in Malé, you might need to take a domestic flight to reach your resort, especially if it’s located on one of the more remote atolls. These flights can range from £120 to £400 per person. 

Remember, this can significantly affect how much it costs to go to the Maldives, as these internal flights are often essential to reach your final island paradise. So again, book as far in advance as you possibly can!

Flying in to The Maldives

Do I Have To Pay For Visas To Visit The Maldives?

Good news! Tourists receive a free 30-day visa upon arrival in the Maldives, so there are no additional visa costs to factor into your Maldives costs if you’re not staying for long. 

For a full rundown of the visa, passport,  vaccine and customers rules for the Maldives from the UK, click here.

How Much Does Food Cost In The Maldives?

Dining in paradise can range from affordable to luxury, potentially impacting your Maldives costs big style. 

If you’re staying at a resort, expect to pay anywhere from £18 for a casual meal to over £100 per person for a fine dining experience. Many resorts offer meal plans, which can be a cost-effective way to manage your Maldives costs for food, especially if you opt for all-inclusive packages.

On our 10-day “REAL” adventure in the Maldives, you’ll have a much more authentic experience than that – with 9 proper Maldivian breakfasts and dinners and 4 lunches included – bringing down your Maldives food costs massively. 

Food in Maldives

How Much Does Accommodation Cost In The Maldives?

Accommodation is where the Maldives costs can really vary. Budget travellers might find guesthouses or cheaper hotel options for around £50 to £100 per night. But for those iconic overwater bungalows, prices start at around £270 per night and can go up to several thousand pounds per night for luxury resorts. 

So if you’re wondering how much does it cost to go to the Maldives, and you don’t have the biggest budget as a starting point, think carefully about your accommodation choices. 

Our REAL Maldives adventure shows you the beauty beyond the bungalows, with stays in local guest houses (okay, and a 4* hotel or two – but you’ll be sharing in a twin room to keep your costs lower there too). Click here to find out more.

How Much Spending Money Should I Take To The Maldives?

Aside from flights, accommodation, and food, you’ll need to consider activities, souvenirs, and tips. For a comfortable experience, budgeting an additional £50 to £200 per day can cover excursions, water sports, and any extra indulgences. 

When it comes to diving, booking a 4-day, 4-dive  course will set you back upwards of £700, significantly adding to your costs. Our Maldives trips include several snorkelling sessions and speedboat rides to make sure you get your fill of the ocean. But there’s plenty of free time included too, so if you do want to get more serious with your diving, you do have that option. 

Find out more about the itinerary here

Fulhadhoo Island, Maldives

How Can I Bring My Maldives Costs Down?

The principle’s simple: shop around for the best deals, book far out, and if you want to bring your Maldives costs right down, join a small group travel company like ours. 

Not only are our trips priced lower than all the others out there (thanks to shared accommodation and group pricing), but you’ve also got the ability to pay for your dream adventure in manageable monthly chunks.

So How Much DOES It Cost To Go To The Maldives?

You know the score, your Maldives costs are always going to depend on the level of luxury you’re after – and they can escalate quickly. But generally speaking, you can be looking in the £5,000 region for anything over a week.

But if you want a very much more authentic experience, and a more friendly price tag, go and have a look at our Real Maldives adventure. We’re able to keep our prices so low thanks to our small group travel approach, where you’ll be sharing rooms in real Maldivian guesthouses and doing the things you don’t see in the brochures. 

Kayaking through mangroves, visiting lesser known islands and beaches, and even getting to grips with the local cuisine during a cooking class. If you want to tick the Maldives off your Bucket List (and do it a little differently to what everyone else is posting on Instagram), check out the itinerary, book your place and start getting excited. 

If you don’t do it now…will you ever? 

Click HERE to check out The Real Maldives with The Bucket List Company

In summary, the Maldives costs can range significantly based on your travel style, the season, and how much luxury you desire. Budget travelers might manage with $1,500 to $2,500 per week, while those seeking the pinnacle of luxury might spend that per day. When planning your trip, carefully consider each category of expense to fully answer how much does it cost to go to the Maldives? for your specific dream vacation. With careful planning and budgeting, the Maldives can be an unforgettable destination that matches both your desires and your wallet.

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