How Much Does It Cost To Trek In Jordan?

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To say that Jordan is a country with a rich history and a glorious, varied landscape wouldn’t really do it justice.

It’s got more history and culture packed in than a Indiana Jones’ diary, with more than 100,000 archaeological, religious and tourist sights to gawp over.

Jordan is part of the Holy Land, and with sights like Petra, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Jerash – it’s one of the most spectacular places you could visit… Like ever.

So where better to head off on a trekking adventure!? The question is, how much does a trek in Jordan cost?

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Flying To Jordan – What To Expect

One of the main things that people talk about when they return from a trip to Jordan is just how progressive the culture is. This should perhaps be unsurprising, considering how multicultural the country is.

Safety is a relevant question here – but you’ve got nothing to worry about, Jordan is a perfectly safe country and an incredibly popular tourist destination. 

(You can find out more about Jordan and whether it’s safe to travel to – we’ve handily named this one ‘the definitive answer to send your mum’ because we know that safety’s incredibly important! Check it out HERE.)

Now, to the flights side of things – your travel to Jordan can vary in price depending on when you’re heading off. And your location, destination, and… well, you get it. 

With that caveat in place, your return flights to Jordan from the UK can cost anything from £300 – £1000, although if you’re shopping around then you might be able to snag a good deal.

That’s flying to Jordan’s capital, Amman, by the way – which takes around 6 hours.

As always with flights, your summer months are likely to be at the pricier end, while ‘out of season’ dates tend to be on the lower side. Spring and autumn tend to be better months to travel for cost-effectiveness. 

Our small group travel packages mean that you always get the best possible prices while also maintaining a fun, tightknit group for your adventure – find out about our Best of Jordan trip here.

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How Expensive Is Accommodation In Jordan?

Think you can guess what we’re about to say here… it depends. 

There’s something for every budget in Jordan, from purse-friendly hostels and Bedouin camps to the luxury and comfort of high-end hotels.

If you’re planning on a 10-day trek around Jordan, expect to pay around £10 – £20 per night for hostels in cities and towns in Jordan, while desert camps can cost as little as £5 – £10 per night. 

More high-end accommodation will set you back £100 – £200+ per night depending on your budget and how ‘luxury’ you want to go! 

It’s worth taking the time to plan out your trip and consider what you want to include, budgeting for each part of your itinerary, and working out whether you want to save a bit on accommodation or splash out on the odd night.

We know all about making trips cost-effective, which is why our payment plan options are so popular – find out about our payment options at the bottom of our Jordan trip page here.

Getting Around In Jordan

Jordan is a small country, which means travel isn’t the most complicated thing…

But taxis can be expensive depending on where you’re travelling. 

Local buses are your best bet for travelling between towns and tourist attractions – and they’re cheap too at around £1 – £2 for most journeys.

Jordan doesn’t have a local train system, with just one passenger route between Amman and Damascus, although if you’re planning on travelling between the two then it could be useful.

Your other option is a private driver if you’re looking at travelling distances during your Jordan trek and would rather have a more personal and direct service over a bus, but this is much more expensive than public transport, and can cost between £60 – £150 per day.

You could also hire a car, which would give you more freedom, with prices starting from £9 per day and rising up to £50 per day, depending on the size, make and model of rental car you choose! 

If you’re looking for a trip where getting around is sorted for you, we’ve got just the thing… check out our Best of Jordan trip here.

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How Much Does Food Cost In Jordan?

Jordan has a richly deserved reputation for delivering some of the best food going.

Some of the most popular foods include Maqluba (a rice and vegetable dish that’s served upside down), Mansaf, the country’s national dish which consists of lamb in a fermented yoghurt sauce, served with rice, and Zarb, a Bedouin dish of slow-cooked meat and vegetables.

And that’s without even mentioning hummus, falafel or shawarma wraps! 

Street food is a must when you’re in Jordan and it’s also your cheapest option at somewhere between £1.50 to £3.75 for most dishes.

Meals at cafes and casual dining spots range from £3.50 to £11 per person while mid-range restaurants are £10 – £22. As with any tourist destinations, there are also options to splash out a bit more, so if you’re looking for luxury restaurants, expect to pay anything from £30 per person upwards.

Alcohol tends to be more expensive in Jordan as it’s a Muslim country, although it is permitted and served at restaurants and bars. 

Jordanian food is a big part of the adventure on your trip and that’s something we’ve made sure we pack into our Best of Jordan trip, stopping at some of our favourite eateries along the way! 

Where's The Adventure In Jordan?

Where ISN’T the adventure in Jordan?! 

It’s one of the world’s most iconic countries and whether you’re hiking the Jordan Trail, exploring the Dana Nature Reserve, visiting Petra, or heading into the desert landscape of Wadi Rum, you’re in for a treat.

The only real question is which adventures you’re going to pack into your trip and when! 

The cost of all your tourist activities will vary, with entrance fees for Petra at around £60 for a three-day pass, while a jeep tour of Wadi Rum is as little as £25. 

If snorkelling trips in the Red Sea are your thing, we’ve got something for you. If a Wadi Rum jeep tour is on your bucket list, we’ve got you covered. If trekking the Dana Nature Reserve is the sort of adventure that lights a fire in you, we’ve got just the thing…

Because all of this AND MORE are part of our Best of Jordan trip – an 11-day adventure like no other. Check it out here.

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What Other Costs Might I Have In Jordan?

When you’re trekking around Jordan, you should be aware that there might be a few additional costs to factor in.

That includes permits and fees for some areas such as the Dana Nature Reserve, water drops on hikes, travel insurance, tips and gratuities for guides and drivers.

You’ll also need a one-month visa which you can purchase on arrival at the airport, which costs 40 Jordanian dollars (around £45). 

The generally accepted levels of tipping are around £4 per person per guide (each day), and another £2 for drivers. But this is entirely up to you! 

The more that you want to fit into your trip, the more it’s going to add up – so it’s worth having a serious planning session and working out what you want to do.

At The Bucket List, our trips are designed to give you the best possible experience, fitting in a bit of culture, a bit of trekking, a bit of adventure, a bit of relaxation and A LOT of fun into our Best of Jordan trip.

We design our trips the way we do for a reason – because we know that our small group trips pack a serious punch. They’re a blend of fun, relaxation, camaraderie, achievement and so much adventure that they make it an unforgettable experience. 

With a maximum of 16 people on each trip, it’s the perfect way to get to know each other and enjoy a cost-effective adventure in Jordan!  

You can find out everything you need to know about our Best of Jordan trip HERE. If you don’t book it now… Will you ever?

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