How Much Does Scuba Diving In Gozo Cost?

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How Much Does Scuba Diving In Gozo Cost?

Gozo is a Mediterranean island known for being a diver’s paradise, so if you’re into diving (or you’re planning on beginning), it’s only natural that you’d be planning a trip there.

But how much does scuba diving in Gozo actually cost? 

Sorry to sit on the fence… but it depends! 

It depends what level of diver you are, where you’re diving, and what you’re going to be doing while you’re there. 

If you’re looking for a package that’s all neatly tied up with a bow so you don’t have to worry about tonnes of additional costs while you’re in Gozo, you might want to check out our Scuba Diving in Gozo trip here.

How much does scuba diving cost in Gozo

How Much Does It Cost To Go Scuba Diving In Gozo?

The cost of scuba diving can vary depending on what you’re looking for, but as Gozo is an island famed for its diving, you’ve got plenty of options.

A guided dive will typically cost around £40+ per person without equipment rental for a single tank dive – costs will tend to come down if you’re planning on more than one dive.

If you’re looking for a package, you can find discounted rates for a 6-dive pack at around £200 but it will also depend on your experience level…

Open water dive courses cost around £400, while advanced diver courses are roughly £300, so depending on your skill level and experience, it’s worth factoring that into any planning you do.

Equipment rental is about £10 per dive, which again is worth considering when you’re planning individual or package dives.

Of course, rather than putting together your own package, which can start to add up pretty quickly, you could look to a reputable and experienced tour provider…

TBLC trips to Gozo include Open Water Diver Courses in our itinerary or Advanced Diver Courses for more experienced divers. That means you don’t have to worry about finding the right instructor or company because we’ve been running our Gozo diving trips for years with our trusted guides, instructors and partners! 

Find out more about our Scuba Diving In Gozo trip, including the itinerary and when the courses will run during your 8-day trip here.

Gozo, Scub Diving Adventure

How Much Do Flights to Gozo Cost?

You’ll get to Gozo via Malta International Airport, which is on the main island of Malta.

Flight costs can vary depending on when you’re travelling, who you’re travelling with, and where you’re coming from…

But you can generally expect a return flight from the UK to cost between £200 and £500 – you can get on the cheaper end of those prices by booking in May, September or October rather than the busier summer months and by booking well in advance. 

You can check flight prices on Skyscanner

Our scuba diving trips to Gozo run in lots of different months, including June, August, September and October, so that gives you lots of scope to find the right flights and decide what time of year is best for you.

Find out more about our scuba diving in Gozo trips, including when they run and our itinerary, here.

How Much Is Accommodation in Gozo?

Accommodation in Gozo varies depending on where you’re staying but you can expect to pay between £20 – £40 for budget hostels and guesthouses, £50 – £100 per night for mid-range hotels and apartments, and closer to £200 and above for luxury resorts and villas.

Depending on your budget and what you’re looking for on your scuba diving adventure, it’s worth factoring in different costs! You can make it as frugal as possible if that’s your aim…

Or you can choose to book with TBLC, where all of your accommodation costs are factored in already! 

And with easy monthly payments, you can plan well in advance to ensure you get the most out of your adventure without having to worry about picking the right accommodation.

With our monthly instalment options, you can pay for your scuba diving in Gozo trip for as little as £66 per month. Find out more about our monthly payment options for our Scuba Diving in Gozo trips here.

Scuba Diving Gozo

How Much Does Food Cost In Gozo?

As with any Mediterranean island, expect some superb food in Gozo, from delicious fish dishes to pastries, aubergine (it’s a delicacy!) and lots of rabbit – trust us on that one! 

As ever, it depends where you’re dining, but food prices tend to be reasonable in Gozo.

Street food and casual eateries will set you back somewhere between £5 – £10, while mid-range restaurants are roughly £15 – £25 per meal and more high-end restaurants can be anything from £30 to more than £50. 

The good news is that we’ve run our scuba diving trip in Gozo for many years, so we’ve had plenty of time to find our favourite spots for grabbing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between! 

Find out more about our scuba diving trip in Gozo, including the itinerary, when the trips are running, and a bit more about Gozo itself here.

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