How To Get To Easter Island?

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Are you from the United Kingdom and fancy packing your bags for a dream trip to one of the world’s most isolated yet fascinating destinations – Easter Island? Well, we at The Bucket List Company are here to simplify that journey for you with a concise guide on travelling all the way to this remote Pacific paradise from the UK.

Easter Island, famously known for its iconic moai statues, volcanic craters, and vibrant Polynesian culture, hovers like a secret gem in the pacific. Its unique geography and rich history make it an exotic destination for wanderlusters like us.

So, how can you embark on this voyage to the mystical shores of Easter Island from the UK? Let’s break it down.

1. A Flight to the Mainland

Firstly, Easter Island, despite being a territory of Chile, doesn’t have direct flights from the UK. So, your journey begins with an initial long-haul flight to Santiago, the capital city of Chile. There are numerous airlines such as Iberia, Air France, and British Airways offering services to Santiago from major UK airports including London Heathrow, Manchester, and Glasgow. The flight times usually vary from 14-16 hours depending on the layover.

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2. Journey to the Island

Once you arrive in Santiago, the journey to Easter Island is a breeze. The island is around a 5.5-hour flight from Santiago. LATAM is the sole airline which operates this route. It is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance since these flights can get fully booked quickly due to high demand and limited services.

3. Arrival and Immigration

Upon landing at Mataveri International Airport on Easter Island, visitors are usually greeted with a welcoming flower lei. Make sure to have your passport and the tourist card that you receive at Santiago airport. All foreign visitors must pay a national park entry fee, which helps fund the preservation of the island’s invaluable ancient sites.

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4. Accommodations and Travel Around the Island

There are a myriad of lodging options on Easter Island, from budget guesthouses to luxurious resorts. Luckily, most of the lodgings are located within Hanga Roa, the only town on the island, so transportation isn’t a major concern after arrival. As for travelling around the island, arranging a tour is recommended. However, renting a car, scooter, or a bicycle is also a popular option to explore the island at your pace.

5. Time to Explore!

Now that you’ve arrived, it’s time to marvel at the majestic statues, called moai, hike the volcanic craters, explore ancient caves, and learn about the vibrant Rapa Nui culture. Don’t forget to try some local delicacies and a traditional Polynesian dance show!

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So, voila! That’s how you get to Easter Island from the UK. Still apprehensive about planning such an extensive trip? Fear not! At The Bucket List Company, we thrive on turning such complex travel matters into smooth, unforgettable adventures. We offer a fully stocked trip to Chile and Easter Island with the best itinerary, amazing accommodation,  reliable guides and transfers.

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Reaching Easter Island from the UK might seem an intimidating journey, but the more remote, the more reward it holds. With the right guide and careful planning, your trip to Easter Island can turn into a vivid memory, a fulfilment of that dream long etched in your bucket list. And remember, every mile will be worthwhile when you stand amidst the mysterious moai statues, entranced by their ancient silence and the secrets they hold. Let the journey begin with us at The Bucket List Company!

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