Moments You’d Only Experience in Nepal

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We had a great time last week sharing everything that makes trekking in the Himalayas so special for Nepal Week! As you will probably know, the theme of Nepal Week was #OnlyInNepal – celebrating the countless sights, experiences, and quirks that make Nepal so unique as an adventure travel destination.

Over the course of the week, many Bucketlisters who have been lucky enough to join us on a trip to Nepal shared their own #OnlyInNepal memories in our community group.

So, to round off our homage to Nepal, here are a few moments that made our Bucketlisters think, “…Only in Nepal!”

Hot springs on Annapurna Circuit trek

“…Can you finish your day’s hiking in a hot spring!” – Ali Reid Wolfe

Yak of the day on Everest Base Camp trek

“Can you post a #YakoftheDay to Instagram!” – Dan Jones

Yac Donald's in Mustang

Speaking of yaks…. “Can you get one of these!” – Andrea Peck

Porter on EBC trek

Would you see a porter carrying a whole chest freezer! – Keith, guide and Bucket List Company director.

Trekking in Nepal

“…Can you find Middle Earth outside of New Zealand!” – Laura Fay Smith

Lisa Brown Tongba - fermented millet seed beer

“…Can you drink Tongba – fermented millet seed beer!” – Lisa Brown

Electrics in Kathmandu

“…Do some of the electrics look like this!” – Keith

Everest Base Camp trek

“…Can you go trekking surrounded by clouds.” – Goska Krol

Annapurna Circuit trekking

“…Is this how you put the kettle on!” – David Blower, Bucket List Company guide

Cake on the Everest Base Camp trek at Namche

“…Could you eat a slice of chocolate carrot cake and drink a latte after a day’s trekking!” – Keith


“…Could you have a cold Everest Premium Lager Beer first thing in the morning!” – Tom Lloyd

Drinking song on EBC

“…Do your porters teach you traditional Nepali drinking songs!” – Laura Fay Smith

Cow in Nepal trek

“…Would you bump into a random cow at night!” – Greg Smith

Sleepy Pete on EBC trek

Can you take a mid-trek nap in such stunning surroundings! “#SleepyPete” – Dan Jones

Mount Everest Base Camp trek

“…Can you see the top of the world!” – Martin Bannister

Our Bucket List Adventures in Nepal

If these Bucketlister memories have inspired you to experience this unparalleled country, why not book yourself in for one of our unforgettable walking and trekking adventures in Nepal?

From the classic Everest Base Camp trek to the famous Annapurna Circuit, and even challenging summits including Mera Peak and Island Peak, there are so many sides to Nepal to explore!

For more information about our trips in Nepal, simply contact us on 01769 309 007. You can also check out videos from our treks on YouTube and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for lots of photos and updates from our adventures in Nepal!

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