Narrowing Down the Choice

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How To Not Get ‘Choice Overload’

There really is such thing as too much choice! We are not making it up – it is a condition that psychologists have called ‘choice overload.’

This is not such a problem if you can’t choose what to have for dinner or which film to watch at the weekend, but when you have limited time off a year and an entire world to get round then it can cause considerable stress and be quite the challenge!

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When it comes to your next adventure travels, where do you start when there are 7 continents, 196 countries and over 102,465 flights per day around the world?

Do you go for expeditions? Relaxation? Culture? Diving? There are just so many options!

Maybe you’re one of those people who like to stay in their comfort zone and go to the same place most years, or maybe you’re the complete opposite and want to make each trip as different from the last as possible. Either way, most people whether they realise it or not will have a bucket list! Or at the very least an idea of all the places they ‘must see before they die.’ This is key in deciding where to go and narrowing down the choice!

We’ve taken our experience of helping people choose their bucket list trip and made our top tips on how to make that all-important choice of where to go on your next trip!

1) Work out all the variables

This will help to narrow down your choices and in some cases you may realise there is one or two obvious options!

Ask yourself questions such as:

How long can you realistically be away for?
What time of year do you want to go away?
Is there a budget that you don’t want to spend over?
What do you want to get out of the trip?
Who will you be going with?

Once you’ve got the answers, you can find expeditions and trips that are most suitable to what you’re looking for.

2) Make a list of where you want to go

If you make a list of all the places you are desperate to go, this will help you prioritise and give you a framework to plan your trips around! If you can try and whittle it down to just 10 places, it is more manageable and you will soon start ticking things off the list!

You never know when the opportunity will arise to go on one of the trips on your list!

3) Realise you won’t be able to go everywhere

Unfortunately, the reality is there will always be more places to visit than you will have time for. Don’t let this overwhelm you! The best thing to do is figure out what expeditions/trips are going to suit you best at this moment in time. This is where the list will help, focus on where you really want to go and the rest will come easy!

If you’re not sure on where to go or which adventure to take next, all of the trips we run will give you plenty of inspiration!

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