Solo Travel FAQs

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Solo Travel FAQs

Not sure about travelling alone for the first time? We’ve answered the questions we get asked most about solo travel – check them out below. 

Solo travel doesn’t mean having to feel alone – here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about independent travel. If you’re keen to get away on your own, but you’re not sure how best to do it, cop a load of this. 

#1 – Who travels alone?

ALL sorts of people. 

We’ve had twenty-somethings join our groups alone to see more of the world before they settle down. 

We’ve seen singletons looking for new friends to explore with. 

We’ve met mums who are getting some time to themselves and partners travelling alone because their spouse prefers a different sort of holiday. 

We’ve had retirees wanting to tick something off their Bucket List while their partner’s still working and grandads who wanted to finally try something different! 

They all have one thing in common though: an appetite for adventure. Whatever your situation, you won’t be the first person to travel solo and you certainly won’t be the last. If you love the planet and want to see all of it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re with friends or alone – the world’s your oyster.

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#2 – Won’t I see more if I make my own itinerary?

You might…but then again, you might be like all the other best-willed travellers who let destiny run its course (and end up doing a lot less abroad than they imagined!). 

We find our carefully crafted itineraries go down really well with our adventurers, just as much for singletons as those coming with friends or family. With The Bucket List Company, you see all the iconic places you don’t want to miss, but you also get to experience the hidden gems we’ve discovered over many years visiting our beautiful destinations. 

You also get the benefit of having a local tour guide, which you probably wouldn’t do if you were doing things entirely on your own. That means more local secrets, the best eateries, and lots of fun that your usual tourist just wouldn’t have access to!

#3 – I’ve got a partner at home but fancy solo travel – would that work with The Bucket List Company?

Yes! Our trips are centred around small groups of likeminded adventurers, usually 12 or 13 people. You’ll have enough lovely people around to keep you company and give you some peace of mind, but you’ll still get plenty of opportunities to do your own thing, if that’s what you’d prefer. 

No problem at all on the partner front either, our prices are based on two people of the same sex sharing a twin room, but you’ve also got the option of paying a little more to have your own room. 

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#4 – Will I pay a single supplement if I solo travel? 

Nope, not unless you want a room to yourself. Our approach is to put you in a twin room with someone of the same sex, which effectively halves your accommodation cost and gets you out of the single supplement. Our adventurers find they make incredible friendships for life, with people they might never have spoken to if they weren’t sharing a room. 

We do offer single room upgrades on most trips (not all!), so if you’d prefer to be on your own at night, that’s absolutely fine. You can find out whether that’s an option and see the cost when you hit the orange “go to trip builder” button in the dates section for individual trip pages. 

#5 – Who will be in my travel group? 

While we can’t dish out any personal information about your fellow travellers ahead of a trip, we can say that roughly half our customers tend to travel solo, and occasionally there seem to be a couple more solo ladies than gents. 

It’d be unusual for there not to be solo travellers in your group and you’ll really enjoy meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds who’ve come away for their own individual reasons. It’s brilliant! 

You can always call and ask for a general idea about the group before we go – we’ll let you know how many solo travellers are heading out and the general age range of the group so you’ve got a rough idea of who you’ll be travelling with. More of an idea than you would if you ventured across the globe entirely on your own, that’s for sure!

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#6 – Do you really get time to yourself if you solo travel with a group?

Definitely – on most of the trips (afraid we can’t really leave you to wander off on the glaciers of Elbrus!). Wherever it’s safe to do so, you’ll be able to take some time out from the group, though on our fuller adventures you might not want to, or you’ll risk missing out on something amazing.

Our itineraries tend to be jam packed with amazing sights and experiences to really maximise your time away (we call these Bucket List trips for a reason!). So while you might enjoy an evening off getting dinner on your own, you probably won’t want to miss much of the daytime itinerary. 

Every night, we’ll organise a group dinner or give you recommendations for where to eat – it’s totally up to you whether you take us up on it!

#7 – I’m a woman travelling alone – will I be safe? 

Keeping our customers safe and having a great time abroad is our top priority. If you’re worried about your safety as a woman alone abroad, you;ll have far greater peace of mind travelling within a group tour, like our Bucket List Company trips. 

There will always be other people around and you’ll have a fantastic guide who knows all the best local spots and, just as importantly, the places to avoid. You’ll receive tips for keeping yourself safe and sticking to etiquette in your destination country.

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#8 – Are some destinations better for solo travellers than others? 

Honestly, no. All of our trips are set up just as well for single travellers as friends or couples. The best destination for your solo trip totally depends on what you want to do. Want to climb? How about Kilimanjaro? If trekking’s your thing, don’t miss our Patagonia tour or the Annapurna Circuit. Fan of cycling? Head to Croatia or the Ngorongoro crater! Or if you’d prefer a lower challenge rating, how about Jordan or Chile and Easter Island

A handy little tip if you’ve got a few minutes to spare: scroll right to the bottom of the page to the dark blue footer and you’ll find links to browse through ALL the different trips we offer! If you don’t book your Bucket List adventure now, will you ever? 

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