Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean Having To Feel Alone

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Why Travel Solo with the Bucket List Company?

These trips we offer, they look absolutely delicious right? And that’s because they are – but if you’re thinking you need to bring a travel pal in order to enjoy them, think again. 

At The Bucket List Company, we make solo travel feel like the best thing you ever did. 

Doesn’t matter if you can’t find anyone to come along just as much as it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to; all our trips our super solo traveller-friendly, which means you never have to worry about being alone abroad. 

Leaving you to simply focus on having the greatest adventure of your life.

Group photo in field, TBLC

Why do solo travel with The Bucket List Company? 

Safe hands
Every single Bucket List Company trip is led by one of our trusted, expert guides. These ladies and gents know what they’re doing, they’ll give you fantastic insights into the local culture and they’ll show you all the best and safest places to go (plus the places to avoid). If you want company, just ask.

Female-friendly travel
We’re clued up on every single one of our destinations. If you want to know what sort of etiquette to expect among the locals, just ask and we’ll help you get on board if that’s what you want. Our tight-knit, small group tours are ideal for making sure independent female adventurers feel safe wherever they are. 

No extra cost
We started The Bucket List Company for people just like you. We don’t subscribe to the “supplements for singles” philosophy – independent travellers should never have to pay more than the rest of the group. You only pay more if you want a room to yourself, just like you’d expect. 

New friends
Unless you choose to upgrade and sleep on your own, we partner all our solo travellers up with a roommate of the same sex. It helps keep your costs down and gives you an opportunity to make a friend for life in one fell swoop. It always happens naturally, what with all that bedtime story swapping!

The freedom you want
Plenty of people choose to travel solo because they like discovering the world for themselves. On your Bucket List adventure, you’ll get the structure and planning you need to start you off, with plenty of free time to follow your heart and do the things you came here to do.

Great company
Everyone on a Bucket List Company adventure has one thing in common: they’re excited about the world we’re living in and they want to see more of it. You’ll be in great company with people who are after the same things you are; in fact, about half of your group will likely be travelling solo too. 

Group trip in Morocco, TBLC

Solo travel FAQs

First time travelling solo with The Bucket List Company? Check out our most frequently asked questions or give us a call on 01769 309007 if you’ve got any others.

How do I make sure I have a room to myself?
Hit the orange trip builder button on any trip and tick the single occupancy box on the page that follows. You’ll find trip add-ons and optional transfers there too. These upgrades come with different costs depending on your chosen adventure, so pay close attention while you’re booking. 

Will I have to spend my evenings alone?
Nope, not if you don’t want to. If you’re travelling solo because that’s how you like it, feel free to head out and do your own thing. But if you’re keen for company, you’ll find it with The Bucket List Company. It’s in our name! We host group dinners and whenever there’s free time, there’ll be plenty of fellow travellers looking for someone to buddy up with.

Can I expect more solo women or men on my trip?
It’s pretty even though occasionally we have a few more solo ladies than gents. Whoever you are, you won’t ever feel outnumbered. 

Which Bucket List Company trip is best for solo travellers?
ALL OF THEM! There really isn’t a single trip that we run that isn’t fully set up to support independent travellers. If you want to chat through any detail of any trip, simply give us a call on 01769 309007.

Can I find out who else is coming on the trip before it happens?
You will receive an invite to our Private Facebook group once booked. Here, you can post in there to find out who will be joining you. We also set up a WhatsApp group for each trip a few weeks before departure. Just rest assured that we’ve only ever experienced fantastic travellers and can safely say you’ll have the time of your life. Most of the time, there’ll be a few couples or pairs of friends travelling with our groups, but at least 40% are usually solo travellers – and you’ll love getting to know all of them. 

How old can I expect my fellow travellers to be?
All sorts of ages! We see plenty of young guns, loads of over 60s, and everything in between. We give every trip a challenge rating and are always on hand to advise anyone how much training is needed for the trip or how easy they’re likely to find it. As a result, it’s VERY rare for someone who’s not quite up to the challenge to book the wrong trip. 

Book your solo adventure with the greatest of groups now

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