That’s Expensive!

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Every time we advertise a trip on Facebook some smart arse comments underneath something like…

“That’s expensive”

“I could do that for £1000”

And yes. Yes you could.

Everyone can always find CHEAPER. We can all book last minute cheap flights to Morocco – I’ve bought return flights to Morocco for £39 in the past, but I’ve never been able to book 18 flights for a group trip at that price.

And when you land you’ll be on your own. No group. No knowledgeable guide flying out with the group to lead you.

You could get ripped off in a taxi to get to the centre of Marrakech. You can find a backstreet riad on a backstreet website and then spend an hour walking the souks with your suitcases trying to find it.

I heard a story the other day of a lady who booked independently to climb Kilimanjaro. She made it to the summit but her porters and guides refused to carry her stuff back down the mountain until she tipped them more money.

None of that happens on our trips.

If you want to book everything yourself, spend hours on Tripadvisor working out where to stay, where to eat and which local guides to trust, then you can probably save a few quid.

Our trips are priced to include everything – flights, transfers, accommodation, treks, meals, guides, diving courses…

…everything you need for a fantastic trip.

The big value isn’t the flights though – anyone can book them.

Book a trip with us and you’ll be travelling with a great group of people committed to having a great time and all our groups travel with an experienced group leader who’s done the trip before and travels with the group from the UK.

You won’t get off a long haul flight to be let down by the taxi driver you booked. You won’t get ripped off by chancers. You won’t get lost. You WILL have a great time.

We sort everything for you, we take care of it all. That is what you’re paying for when you book a trip with us.

We don’t stay in 5* luxury, but we certainly don’t stay dives! We have stayed everywhere before and they are all a decent standard. Check out where we stay in Tanzania for Kilimanjaro – now I know where most providers put people before and after their trek and I certainly wouldn’t book my wife to stay there, however she would love where we stay (she just wouldn’t walk up the mountain).

We know our guides and our trek providers. We know the standard of the food that will be prepared for you. We know the standard of transport and equipment provided.

Book with us and you’re not taking a chance. You’re paying for our experience and support, our knowledge and expertise.

Where’s next on your Bucket List?

Check out our next trips here.

Right thats my rant over with, have a great weekend!

Please note – I am not saying people should not travel indepently. Group and independent travel both have their place. However, they are two completly different products and therefore priced accordingly, what is expensive for one, is cheap for someone else.

Plus, we offer monthly payments so you can spread the cost of your trip, making it much easier to budget without compromising your experience! To find out more about financing your next bucket list trip, contact us today on 0176 930 9007.

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