The Top Solo Female Travel Destinations

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Best Adventure Travel Places For Solo Female Travellers

We were all inspired in the office by the story of Cassie De Pecol, who will be the fastest person to travel to all 196 Sovereign Nations in a record time of less than 3 years and 3 months. She has broken the Guinness World Record at just 27 years old whilst promoting world peace and sustainable tourism.

Her unique upbringing, education and lifestyle is fascinating and well worth a read and we are sure it will also inspire you to pack your bags and go on a trip! (Click here to see her website)

At a guess, most of you reading this won’t have the time or money to commit to such an adventure like Cassie had, unfortunately neither do we! So we thought we’d narrow the choice down for you and give you a list of the best places for adventure travel for solo female travellers.

1) Iceland

Iceland is the safest country in the world! Fact! It has the highest level of trust between people and its culture is built around that. This is one of the reasons it is such a great destination for solo female travellers to go to. Iceland has so much to offer everyone, from a vibrant Reykjavik, trips to the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon. With dramatic waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and breath-taking landscapes it is no surprise this is one of our top destinations for anyone, especially adventurous women who want to travel alone! It is one of those friendly places where you will meet people from all around the world on your travels, not to mention the chance to see the Northern Lights!

Blue Lagoon Iceland

2) Namibia

This may come across as an unusual destination for a solo female traveller to visit; however we think it would be ideal! This is because it is not a dangerous country in the slightest and is full of adventure! In fact it is a really sociable country, there are only 2 million people in the whole country so it is not crowded or chaotic, therefore feels really relaxed and is easy to meet other travellers.

There is so much to see, particularly in Sossusvlei, where you can go on organised safari tours, climbing and walking around sand dunes in the desert and stargazing are highlights of any trip. It is a warm and dry country, with plenty of space to relax and spend time alone, or meet others in social accommodation such hotels.

Namibia Desert

3) Paris

Defy the stereotype of the city of love being for only couples. It really isn’t! It is an amazingly beautiful city and with so much to be explored, you can really get immersed in its beauty by yourself! It is the perfect place to take walks, learn about art, history, culture and relax. If this is your first time travelling alone, Paris is in an ideal location, not too far from home but far enough away to be independent and give a taster of what travelling alone would really be like!


4) London

Our capital city is massively underrated for travel! With no culture shock or language barrier, an easy transport system and plenty to see and do, it is the perfect place to start your solo travel career! There is a surprisingly high amount of people, who haven’t done the classic tourist things that there are to do in London and for those who have, there is so much more on offer. Getting lost on the tube, finding unique restaurants on side streets and wandering down the Thames is something anyone can enjoy!


5) Costa Rica

 The people of Costa Rica are renowned for being the some of the nicest in the world! This makes it a great destination for solo females travellers as you know you’ll always be in the best hands of care!

Costa Rica is one of our favourite places to visit because it has stunning white beaches from the Caribbean, tropical rainforests, mountains, volcanoes and plenty of wildlife! It is located in a beautiful part of the world that is dying to be explored. Coffee farms, national parks, natural zoos and hot springs are plenty to keep a solo traveller entertained!

Beach In Costa Rica

Obviously there are plenty of other countries to visit that are also very safe for solo female travellers, but these were our favourites! Feeling comfortable enough to travel on your own is a massive thing, even if you end up meeting people along the way (which you inevitably will!).

Travelling alone won’t suit everyone, but if you are wanting to go travelling and the only aspect stopping you is that you don’t have anyone to go with, then why not try visiting one of the above places and realising it is not as scary as you may think!

Alternatively, we run many awesome group adventures where you can join other likeminded travellers on trips to amazing places such as the Sahara Desert and Machu Picchu!

Just contact us today on 0176 930 9007 and we will be happy to help you find the ultimate trip!

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