How to Save Money and Combat Single-Use Plastic While Trekking

At this year’s Adventure Travel show I went and spent some time with the guys on the Water to Go stand.

We were discussing the cost of buying water on the Everest Base Camp trek and at the same time the amount of single use plastic this creates.

The easiest way around this is by buying a Water to Go bottle, and just filling your water up from the tap! No cost (apart from buying the bottle in the first place) and also reducing the amount of single-use plastic in the region.

These are obviously not just for Everest Base Camp, they can be used on all our trips. For Kilimanjaro, we used to advise taking water purification tablets. But personally, I don’t like the taste, and by taking Water to go bottles I don’t need to use them!

Morocco white water rafting trip? No problems – I can just refill my bottle from the river and start drinking.

If you want to get yourself one of these bottles, you can save 15% by visiting https://watertogo.eu/ and using the promo code BLC15.

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