What Kind of Traveller Are You?

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Find Out What Type of Traveller You Are!

Being able to understand what type of traveller you are can be a huge benefit for your future adventure travel plans. If you know you are typically someone who loves relaxing at the beach, or being immersed in a new culture or seeking a new thrill then it can provide options on where the best places to go are, as well as identify what would be a challenge and out of your comfort zone so you can try something new.

It could be that you don’t know what kind of traveller you are because you don’t know what you would really love until you have experienced it! Either way, we have come up with a few categories of travellers that we typically see from our clients, and matched them to the trips and expeditions we have running in the next couple of years.

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The Thrill Seeker – These are the adrenaline junkies and the ones who want to give all the adventure sports and activities a go! Trips and expeditions are all about doing something new, exciting and exhilarating! Nothing you could ever do at home and ones that give you a real rush and sense of achievement!

Our White Water Rafting trip down the Zambezi and our Scuba Diving trip in Gozo will be perfect if you are this type of traveller! Even if you’re not usually, who is to say trying something new won’t be the best thing you’ve ever done! Both these trips are jam packed with adventure and activities that will make your adrenaline run!

The Escapist – This is the type who just wants to play fugitive and escape their everyday life for a while! Maybe you’ve found you have been working too much recently and need a break or want to wind down and take some time for yourself, whatever the reason for relaxation and escaping we will take it! For some people this could be to go somewhere to relax and others this could be to go somewhere of a completely different culture and immerse in it.

If this is you, our trips to Morocco are ideal! For only a 3-hour plane journey, you will be in Africa and a completely different culture. It is one of our shortest trips so you won’t be away from your hectic life for long!

The Self-Developer – These are the kind of people who want to go on a trip and/or expedition to challenge and better themselves. Maybe the aim is to have a sense of accomplishment, do something incredible and push yourself to their limit. This is one of the reasons we set up The Bucket List Company, to give people the opportunity to do these once in a lifetime expeditions.

In this case, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest Base Camp or Island Peak in Nepal are all suited expeditions for this purpose. Each one is slightly different and it really is personal preference over which expedition to go on. A lot of people get the bug and want to do them all!

The Inquisitive – This covers the people who are just generally curious about discovering new places, seeing new things; experiences new cultures and being completely open minded! We know all of our expeditions offer this type of satisfaction to our clients, however if we had to choose one in particular, it would have to be trekking Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. The colonial cities and ancient ruins are fascinating for anyone, in particular those with a curious mind and interest in history.

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We have a variety of different Bucket List trips that we provide that will suit a variety of different peoples needs. Maybe one of the reasons something is on your bucket list is because it will be completely out of your comfort zone and a once in a lifetime opportunity to try something new and challenging. Whatever your reason behind wanting to go on a trip of a lifetime is, we will find the perfect trip for you!

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