What Vaccinations Do I Need For Morocco?

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What Vaccinations Do I Need For Morocco?

When people ask us which Vaccinations do I need for Morocco? 

Our advice is always the same – 

3-4 months before your trip, go and see your GP or visit a travel clinic, tell them where you are going and what you are doing and they will give you the most up to date advice.

We are hearing that GP’s are reducing the travel vaccination clinics within their surgery’s as they are so busy, so do check with yours. You may be better off visiting a local travel clinic or pharmacy that offers a travel vaccination service.

You can also check on the government’s ‘Know Before You Go’ website for the most up to date advice.

The current information from the website is as follows (October 2022)

Travel Vaccine Recommendations for Morocco – Nomad Travel Clinic


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– These schedules are approximate and based on the first dose. These are the minimum times for the vaccine to be effective. You can start them earlier, but again this can all be discussed when you have your consultation.

Yellow Fever In Morocco – There is no risk of Yellow Fever in Morocco

Yellow Fever Certificate is not required for entry

Malaria Risk in Morocco – Malaria is not present in Morocco

Other Health Risks in Morocco

Schistosomiasis in Morocco

There is a risk of Schistosomiasis in Morocco. A parasitic infection (also known as bilharzia), Schistosomiasis is transmitted to humans through contact with fresh water, when the parasitic worm enters through the skin. Usually, no symptoms are felt until 2-4 weeks after exposure, when fever, diarrhoea, cough or a rash can occur as the parasites move around the body. Long term disease can lead to damage of the bladder, kidneys, bowel, liver and genital tract. Prevention is dependent on avoidance of swimming, bathing or paddling in freshwater lakes and streams.

High Altitude in Morocco

If you are heading on a High Altitude Trek in Morocco, you can also chat with your travel clinic about this as well. Travel Pharmacys will also be able to discuss and prescribe Diamox if required.

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