When Is The Best Time To Go To Costa Rica?

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When Is The Best Time To Go To Costa Rica?

Average temperatures, rainfall and the best times to visit Costa Rica

Thinking it’s time you ticked Central America’s most vibrant jewel off your Bucket List and wondering when’s the best time to go to Costa Rica? You’re in the right place. 

On this page, we’ll run you through the typical temperatures and weather you can expect each month in this enchanting tropical paradise, where lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and awe-inspiring biodiversity await at every turn. 

To get you started, here’s a month-by-month run-down of the average daily temperatures and rainfall in five of our favourite places in Costa Rica. 

Want to visit all five on a once-in-a-life time adventure? Click here to check out our Best of Costa Rica itinerary.

Costa Rica average temperatures table

When is the best time to go to Costa Rica for outdoor activities? 

If you’re itching for heart-pounding thrills and nature-infused escapades, Costa Rica is the ultimate playground. If you love being in the open and you’re hoping to pack in lots of outdoor activities into your adventure, the best time to visit Costa Rica is during the dry season, from December to April. 

No rain means more chances for epic zip-lining escapades, exhilarating snorkelling expeditions and hikes that lead you to jaw-dropping waterfalls. All of which are included in our incredible Best of Costa Rica Bucket List adventure! Click here to check out the itinerary and available dates

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When is the best time to go to Costa Rica for sunny beach weather?

A little time spent relaxing on the beach never goes amiss – especially in Costa Rica! For beach lovers and sun-worshippers, the best time to visit Costa Rica is, of course, during the dry season. 

Picture yourself basking in golden sunshine, fruity cocktail in hand (complete with tiny umbrella, needless to say). The palm trees sway to the rhythm of your downtime playlist… It’s not exactly an ugly image now, is it?!

On our Best of Costa Rica epic, you’ll spend a couple of days at the sublime Samara Beach in the northwest of the country, where daytime temperatures max out around 32°C during the dry season. Make sure you pack your sunscreen!


When is the best time to go to Costa Rica’s rainforests? 

Done with the beach and ready to unleash your inner Indiana Jones on a wild rainforest adventure? Costa Rica has certainly got you covered. The best time to visit Costa Rica for lush green jungles is during the “green season” from May to November, when the rainforest is at its most vibrant and alive. 

Sure, you might encounter a bit of rain (okay, maybe a lot), but think of it as Mother Nature’s way of giving you a refreshing shower while you navigate through dense foliage and discover hidden treasures. 

Prepare for a journey that will test your agility and resilience, tickle your senses and leave you with stories to rival even the most legendary adventurers! Just remember to pack your sense of humour and a raincoat that screams “I’m here to conquer the rainforest and look fabulous while doing it.” 

When Is The Best Time To Go To Costa Rica?
La Fortuna Waterfall with people in - Costa Rica

When is the best time to go to Costa Rica to avoid tourists?

To experience this slice of tropical paradise like a true trailblazer and avoid crowds of tourist, the best time to visit Costa Rica is probably during the “shoulder season” from April to November. 

Being the driest months across the majority of the country, January and February tend to be the busiest, which is why we try to avoid these months on our Best of Costa Rica adventure.

If you want pristine beaches without a soul in sight or enchanting rainforests without having to wait in line for the perfect Instagram shot (and cheaper accommodation to boot), best accept that you might need to encounter a bit of rain to avoid the crowds… but that’s just part of the adventure, right?!

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