When is the best time to trek the Great Wall of China?

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When Is The Best Time To Trek The Great Wall Of China?

Thinking of heading to Beijing? Here’s the best time to go…

Got China on your Bucket List and wondering when is the best time to trek the Great Wall of China? Don’t blame you, it’s epic, iconic and one of the most exciting bits of trekking we’ve ever experienced. 

But here’s the deal: timing is everything. And to make sure you trek the Great Wall of China in the true style, it’s crucial to pick the right season to go. (Spoiler alert: don’t pick Winter!)

On this page, we’ll dive into the nitty gritty and uncover the best time to trek the Great Wall of China, revealing when you’re most likely to get the wall to yourself (or avoid frostbite!). We’re going to focus on the areas around Beijing since that’s where most trekking of the Great Wall takes place. 

Buckle up Bucketlister, let’s do this. 

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When is the best time to trek the Great Wall of China? 

If you’re in a hurry, keen to book your trip and you just want to know when’s the best time to trek the Great Wall of China, here’s the short version. Remember, these facts focus on the parts of the wall closest to Beijing, since that’s where the trekking takes place on most Great Wall itineraries (click here to check out ours).

china weather table

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Fourth place: Winter Wonderland 

Prepared to contract a nice bit of frostbite if it means avoiding the crowds? Be our guest; Winter is probably your best time to visit the Great Wall of China! With temperatures often dropping below zero, trekking the wall has a completely different feel. 

The Great Wall blanketed in snow might look magical and serene, but there’s not much happening in Beijing at this time of year, and those stone steps and steep terrains on the wall can get icy and slippery. You’ll also find that certain parts of the wall are closed during winter, plus the days are shorter and the weather harsher. Best left alone, we reckon. 

No winter itineraries here: we want your Great Wall trek to be everything you always dreamed – click here to see when our trips take place and check out the incredible itinerary


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Coming in third: Sizzling Summer 

From June to August the summer brings warm weather, often sizzling hot, so you’d need to pack lots of gear to protect yourself from the sun – layers to protect your limbs from the sun, buff, hat, UV sunglasses and a tonne of sun cream! All that protection can make the trekking pretty sweaty – but that wouldn’t be your biggest problem.

Because the summer in Beijing is peak tourist season. The crowds plus the intense lighting conditions from all that sun won’t just give you extra photography challenges to overcome, it could mar your general experience too. But if you can handle the crowds and the occasional rain, you could be in for an awesome time. Just be sure to book your accommodations way ahead of your trek!

A worthy second place: Spring spectacle

The Great Wall comes alive during spring, from mid-March to late May. The weather is pretty perfect for walking miles every day, with temperatures ranging from 12°C in March to 27°C in late May (59°F to 77°F). 

The flora blooms and it’s like nature’s painting with vibrant cherry blossoms and wildflowers everywhere – Instagram heaven! For anyone looking for some springtime excitement and a fabulous trek, April or May could well be the best time to trek the Great Wall of China.

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Our winner and the best time to visit the Great Wall of China: Awesome Autumn

The autumn has so much going for it that it has to be our best time to trek the Great Wall of China. The weather’s milder making your trekking experience way more comfortable, with temperatures ranging from 9°C in late November to the mid to high twenties in September and giving you ideal hiking conditions. 

The scenery is just stunning in Autumn too, bursts of colour everywhere with the trees along the wall turning into burning shades of red, orange and yellow. It’s a pretty breathtaking backdrop for all those photographs you’re going to take. 

The summer rush of tourists subsides the further into autumn you get, too. So you can enjoy a more peaceful and contemplative trek, with fewer people to bump into. Your chances of getting caught in a shower are much lower than earlier in the year too, and those beautifully clear skies give you great visibility and stunning panoramic views from the Great Wall. 

Honestly, if you want to see this wonder of the world in all its glory, we think the autumn is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China. And that’s exactly why we tend to hold our trips at that time of year. With a packed schedule, plenty of wall-trekking, and lots of incredible experiences in nearby Beijing, this is a unique itinerary that’ll get you ticking the Great Wall of China off your Bucket List the way it’s meant to be done. 

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