When Is the Best Time to Visit Cappadocia?

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Cappadocia?

So you have seen the pictures on Instagram from Cappadocia and you have decided you need to add this to your Bucket List – But, When is the best time to visit Cappadocia Turkey?

You have probably also seen the photos of the Hot Air Balloons over the fairy chimneys and realised the main draw for people visiting the area.

If you are planning on heading up in a balloon you will want to know when the best time to visit is!

The Cappadocia region is situated in a dry desert environment – It is hot in the summers and cold in the winters. Balloon trips happen every day of the year, but they will be canceled due to rain, snow and wind speed.

My one piece of advice to you is, book your balloon flight for your first morning in Cappadocia. If that gets canceled you still have options for your next few days. Book it for the last day and it gets canceled, you have no options!

when is the best time to visit cappadocia?

Best Months to Visit Cappadocia

If you want the quick answer and you don’t want to read the rest of this article then –

The Best Time Visit Cappadocia is Late Spring and Early Autumn. The months of April, May, early June, late September and October. 

The weather is cooler and there are less tourists around than in the summer months.

During the summer months they put up in excess of 300 balloons in the sky every morning. I have just returned from a trip in early december and there were around 80 balloons in the sky. That gives you some idea as to how busy the summer is!

Weather in Cappadocia Month By Month

Cappadocia in January

Cappadocia in January is going to be cold and also likely to snow. Although the days are cold, you can still have very sunny, blue sky days.

You have probably seen stunning photos of Cappadocia covered in snow? Yes, it looks stunning but just keep in mind that the balloon rides are likely to be canceled and then you may not get your desired Instagram photo!

Cappadocia is also very hilly so getting around can also be difficult when it snows. If you are going to go in January then I would advise staying in Goreme where everything is central.

Average Daily Temperatures  -6℃ to 5℃

Average Rainfall 12.8mm

Cappadocia march

Cappadocia in February

February in Cappadocia is very similar to January. You are going to have cold days with potential snow. As January and February are very quiet in Cappadocia there may not be so much happening and not all activities may be available to you.

Average Daily Temperatures  -5℃ to 7℃

Average Rainfall 13.4mm

Cappadocia in March

We are still in the winter months in Cappadocia and although the temperatures start to increase, so do the winds.

The day time temperatures in Cappadocia start to increase in March, but keep in mind once that sun goes down, the nights are still cold.

Balloon trips will get canceled in March because of the winds, so my advice is to skip March and move your trip a few weeks!

Average Daily Temperatures  -1℃ to 13℃

Average Rainfall 18.3mm

Cappadocia January

Cappadocia in April

Now the temperatures are getting warmer, April is a popular month to visit Cappadocia. However, keep in mind April also sees an increase in rain as well.

The day time temperatures are picking up aslo making it pleasant for trekking around the region. 

There is still the possibility of cloudy days in April and in the past there has still been snow in April!

Average Daily Temperatures  3℃ to 18℃

Average Rainfall 27.6mm

Cappadocia in May

Winter is now officially over and both the daytime and nighttime temperatures are increasing. 

May is one of the best times to visit Cappadocia as it brings blue sky mornings which are perfect for your balloon photos!!

The region is now getting busier with tourists and the balloon trips and other activities are now running daily.

Average Daily Temperatures  7℃ to 22℃

Average Rainfall 28mm

Cappadocia april

Cappadocia in June

At the beginning of June both day and nighttime temperatures are pleasant in Cappadocia. Towards the end of June the day time temperatures are starting to get on the hot side!

If you like to get away and feel the heat then June is a great time to visit.

Average Daily Temperatures  10℃ to 27℃

Average Rainfall 16.4mm

Cappadocia in July

July in Cappadocia is hot! You will have amazing clear skies and sunny days, but your visit will depend on if you can cope with the heat?

There is lots to explore in Cappadocia and this generally involves a lot of walking. If you are not great with the heat then I would potentially avoid Cappadocia in July.

The nice thing about the Cave Hotels in Cappadocia, they are always cool inside your room. Some hotels have swimming pools to assist the cooling process. 

So, if you still want to head out and explore in July then you have the option of getting out of the sunshine in the afternoon and then exploring when it is cooler in the mornings and early evening!

Average Daily Temperatures  13℃ to 31℃

Average Rainfall 0.7mm

Cappadocia in August

August is the hottest month of the year in Cappadocia. Like July you are going to have amazing clear blue skies and long sunny days. 

It is going to be lovely and warm when you get up for your sunrise Hot Air Balloon Trip, but then the rest of the day is going to be hot and sweaty!

Average Daily Temperatures  13℃ to 31℃

Average Rainfall 0.4mm

Cappadocia february

Cappadocia in September

September in Cappadocia is a month of two halves. The beginning of September is very similar to August, but towards the end the daily temperatures are dropping and you realise autumn is on its way.

From the middle of September onwards I think it is one of the perfect times of the year to visit Cappadocia. The days are warm, sunny and the skies are blue – what more could you ask for!

Average Daily Temperatures  8℃ to 27℃

Average Rainfall 3.7mm

Cappadocia in October

In October the Autumn has well and truly arrived. The day time temperatures are dropping to a pleasant temperature but the nighttime temperatures are again getting chilly!

You will still have the advantage of clear blue skies during the day, making it a perfect time for your balloon ride. Sunrise is also getting later in the morning giving you more time in bed!

October is a great time for exploring Cappadocia with the lower temperatures. If you wanted to head out on one of the many treks in the area the temperatures in October make for a pleasant experience.

Average Daily Temperatures  4℃ to 21℃

Average Rainfall 11.0mm

Cappadocia in November

The temperatures in November are dropping both day and night. The temperatures in the night time are very cold so make sure you take some warm clothing with you for the early mornings and evenings.

Skies are still blue and clear, and the region is quieter with tourists.

If you want to go and explore Cappadocia in its quiet time and don’t mind the cold, then November could be a great choice for you!

Another thing to point out is they have different prices for the balloon trips during different seasons/months. These range from £150 – £250+ depending on the month you go. If you want a cheaper experience then head out in the quieter months!

Average Daily Temperatures  -1℃ to 14℃

Average Rainfall 10.7mm

Cappadocia Weather

Cappadocia in December 

I have just come back from a trip in early December. The weather during the day was blue skies and at times you felt warm in the sunshine (but you were wearing a coat!). The evenings are very cold! You certainly needed to dress up warm. 

Everything was very quiet, which was nice as you could explore without the crowds and everything was open.

As I said earlier in the article, we still had 80+ balloons go up on the morning we went up, so there are still lots of people visiting the area. 

I was told that they were expecting snow the week after I left, so I think I timed the trip perfectly! 

Don’t let December put you off! The weather was fine as long as you were happy to wrap up warm early in the morning and then during the evenings.

Average Daily Temperatures  -4℃ to 7℃

Average Rainfall 15.7mm

For more information on visiting Cappadocia check out our Discover Cappadocia Trip Here.

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