Where Does the Tour Du Mont Blanc Go?

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A bloomin’ beautiful journey through alpine majesty!

Landed here because you’ve got mountains in your mind and you’re wondering where does the Tour du Mont Blanc go? You’re in luck, we’re here to fill you in. 

Ahh that sacred Tour du Mont Blanc, an outrageously handsome odyssey circumnavigating the majestic Mont Blanc massif. It’s an unparalleled trek that winds through the stunning landscapes of France, Italy, and Switzerland (so if you’re aiming to tick as many countries off your Bucket List as you can, this trek’s a good’un!). 

Just remember, the Tour du Mont Blanc is no walk in the park. It’s the Tour du Mont Blanc for goodness sake! And preparation is absolutely paramount for such a challenging trek. (So if you want a comprehensive guide on training for the Tour du Mont Blanc, click here.)

But back to the good stuff: because each day of this adventure unfolds a new chapter, blending challenging terrains with utter awe-inspiring gorgeousness. But where does the Tour Du Mont Blanc go? Let’s delve into the details, day by day…

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Day 1: Les Houches to Les Contamines

The expedition kicks off in the charming village of Les Houches, tucked away in the French Alps. As you ascend, the panorama of Mont Blanc gradually reveals its snow-clad peaks. Day one introduces you to the serene beauty of the mountains, with winding trails through lush forests and Alpine meadows. 

The silent symphony of nature penetrates you as you make your way to Les Contamines, and it’s on this first day that you realise trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc was possibly the best decision you ever made. 

Les Houches to Les Contamines
Les Contamines - Les Chapieux

Day 2: Les Contamines to Les Chapieux

So where does the Tour du Mont Blanc go next? Leaving the tranquillity of Les Contamines behind, day two unfolds a kaleidoscope of landscapes. Rugged terrains and picturesque hamlets dot the route as you make your way to Les Chapieux. 

The scenery evolves from dense woodlands to vast open plateaus, giving you a visual feast for the senses (and the socials!). The varied terrain means there’s never a dull moment and each step brings a new discovery. So make sure your walking boots are up to the challenge!

Day 3: Les Chapieux to Courmayeur

Buongiorno! Crossing the border from France into Italy, the third day of the trek takes you to the delightful town of Courmayeur. 

The trail winds through stunning valleys, ascends to higher altitudes, and treats you to breathtaking views of the Italian Alps. The warmth of Italian hospitality and the wholesome flavours of local cuisine make for a delightful break in your journey too. Courmayeur isn’t just a respite, it’s a flippin’ cultural and gastronomic oasis!

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Les Chapieux - Courmayeur
Courmayeur - Champex

Day 4: Courmayeur to Champex

Then where does the Tour du Mont Blanc go? To Switzerland my friend! 

Day four of the trek introduces you to the sublime beauty of the Swiss Alps. The hike meanders through alpine meadows and enchanting forests, gracefully providing panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. 

The trail from Courmayeur leads you to the Swiss village of Champex, known for its stunning lake and serene ambiance. As the landscape transitions, you’ll find the charm of Swiss hospitality adding a unique touch to your alpine experience too. Just make sure you’ve saved some pennies for this leg of the journey – Switzerland is the most expensive of the three countries you’ll be hiking through!

Day 5: Champex to La Forclaz to Trient

Traversing high mountain passes on the fifth day, the Tour du Mont Blanc trek reaches new heights of exhilaration. Hope you’ve got some altitude trekking training under your belt! 

Starting from Champex, the journey ascends to La Forclaz before descending into the Swiss village of Trient. This leg of the tour is pretty much a sensory overload with glaciers, alpine lakes, and charming villages… It’s an unforgettable tapestry of natural wonders out there!

Champex – La Forclaz – Trient
Trient – Argentière

Day 6: Trient to Argentière

Where does the Tour du Mont Blanc go on day 6 of the trek? You’ll continue through the Swiss Alps and watch in awe as the landscape becomes even more dramatic. 

The trail navigates through valleys surrounded by towering peaks, showcasing glaciers and challenging rocky terrain. It’s at this point of the adventure that you really start to feel like some sort of superhuman. 

The day’s trekking concludes in the picturesque village of Argentière, where you’ll find a sense of accomplishment against the backdrop of the raw beauty of the Mont Blanc massif.

Day 7: Argentière to Chamonix

The final leg of the Tour du Mont Blanc takes you back to France, culminating in the vibrant town of Chamonix. 

This leg sees you retracing your steps through alpine meadows and lush forests, offering time for reflection on the incredible diversity of landscapes that you’ve witnessed during the trek. 

Chamonix’s lively atmosphere and charming streets mark the end of a truly epic adventure, leaving you with lasting memories of an unforgettable journey. And there’ll be plenty of time for swapping those stories because the pints will be in tonight!

Argentière - Chamonix

Watch Our Video for a Visual Feast

If you landed here because you tapped where does the Tour du Mont Blanc go? into Google, hopefully you’ve got a much better idea now. 

But words can’t really capture the full essence of this mesmerising trek, so we’d strongly suggest you hop on over to our trip page where you’ll find a video of the sorts of sensational scenes you can expect from the adventure. You’ll find out plenty more details about the itinerary and the trekking there too. Go on, dip yourself into those breathtaking landscapes!

The best way to experience the Tour du Mont Blanc

Now you know the answer to that where does the Tour du Mont Blanc go? question, here’s a quick word on the best way to experience the adventure. 

Without doubt, the Tour du Mont Blanc is best trekked with a small group of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. At The Bucket List Company, we take adventure seriously – and the sole reason we exist is to make incredible, mindset-changing experiences affordable for openhearted Bucket Listers. 

If you want to see more of the world and do something momentous, we’ll give you a seamless experience from the moment you book to the minute you touch back down on home soil. Meaning you can focus solely on the breathtaking journey around Mont Blanc and do what you do best – enjoy this planet as it’s meant to be.

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