Which Is Harder Island Peak or Mera Peak?

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Which Is Harder Island Peak or Mera Peak?

A question we asked a lot in the office is – Should I do Island Peak or Mera Peak next?

Many people have climbed Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus or trekked to Everest Base Camp and now they are looking for their next challenge, so they ask the question.

But which is the harder climb, Island Peak or Mera Peak?

Mera Peak sits at 6,476m and is classed as Nepal’s highest trekking peak, whilst Island Peak has an altitude of 6,160m and certainly isn’t a trekking peak.

Climbing Island Peak

When it comes to Island Peak there are certainly some additional skills that are required. 

You will need to be happy using an ice axe, crossing ladders with crampons and be able to use a Jumar device like an ascender. A  jumar is what keeps you safe on the fixed lines leading you up the mountain. You will also need to be comfortable in moving between these fixed lines and switching over, as they are bolted at different points on the route. 

The way back down from the summit requires you to complete multiple abseils. So you will also need to be proficient at abseiling and using a figure of eight device.

All of these skills will be covered at the first Base Camp with your guides. However,  we do advise a basic mountaineering course that will teach you these skills before you fly to Nepal.

Island Peak has an easier trail to get to the bottom of the climb. The accommodation and facilities are also better on the Island Peak trek, as there is more choice. This is because for the majority of your trek you are following the Everest Base Camp Trek. As the trail has now got so popular, the quality of the tea houses and the facilities in the villages have improved dramatically and become more commercial.

 Many people climbing Island Peak also add Everest Base Camp first to their itinerary, this certainly helps with the acclimitisation process.

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Climbing Mera Peak

The trek into Mera Peak is harder than Island Peak. You have more altitude gain up and down on the trek towards base camp. As this part of the Khumbu is less traveled than the Everest Base Camp trek, the Tea houses and facilities on offer are a lot more basic. This trip has a much more expedition feel to it.

The summit of Mera Peak is technically a lot more straightforward than Island Peak, and therefore easier than Island Peak. Although technically easier, the summit is just over 300m higher, it is more exposed to higher winds than Island Peak and can also be a lot colder.

Mera Peak is also several days longer in trip duration than an Everest Base Camp and Island Peak trek.

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But, Which is Harder Island Peak or Mera Peak?

To conclude, if you compare all of the differences above I would suggest that Island Peak is harder than Mera Peak. For either climb you will need to be physically prepared and fit. Both climbs offer a massive challenge and are both a step-up from a Kilimanjaro climb or an Everest Base Camp so whichever you decide on, you wont regret it. 

If you would like more information about either of our itineraires to Climb Island Peak or Mera Peak then please click on the links.

If you would like to chat through these options and see which would be the best choice for you then please don’t hesitate to email us or pick up the phone and give us a call on 01769 309007.

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