Why Mount Toubkal Should Be On Your Bucket List

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I love Morocco, the High Atlas Mountains and Mount Toubkal – I’ve been there more than ten times now.

Why do I love it? Well, there are almost too many reasons.

The culture, the people, the views, the food… all of it just comes together and creates a magical experience.

But today, I want to focus on the one feature of Morocco that keeps me coming back, time after time after time:

Mount Toubkal.

If you’re not too familiar with Toubkal, then it’s worth getting acquainted, because the trek to the top is one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.

Toubkal is 4,167 metres high, making it the highest mountain in North Africa, but if that sounds scary, then think again – trekking up Toubkal is actually easier than a lot of people assume, and as long as you’re sensible and at a decent level of fitness, you should reach the summit without too much trouble.

Anyway, my love for Toubkal means that I want as many people as possible to experience it, so I’ve put together 12 reasons why it needs to be on your list.

1. Come out from the bustle of Marrakech into the peace and quiet of the Moroccan countryside

Imagine the most peaceful place you know.  Then double the amount of peace – that’s what it feels like during your Toubkal trek.

Mount Toubkal trek - mountain village

2. You’ll meet some mules!

This is a proper trek, with mules carrying your bags – no chairlifts or Land Rovers!

Mount Toubkal trek - mules

3. The views (part 1)

At each stage of the trek, you’ll be able to stop and take in some truly stunning views.  The Moroccan landscape is other-worldly in its beauty.

Mount Toubkal trek

4. Meet the locals and go shopping!

As you wend your way up, you’ll have an opportunity to meet the locals, and as they see you approach, they’ll get ready for business!


5. Experience what it’s like to live in the mountains

Toubkal is home to lots of people, and you’ll get the privilege of sharing their home for a few days.

Mount Toubkal trek - Imlil village

6. Learn the challenges of farming on the hillside

The locals don’t stand around either – it might be a challenge, but they make things grow on the mountain, and you’ll experience the fruits of their labour.

Mount Toubkal trek - goats

7. The views (part 2)

At each rest stop, the views just get better and better, so be sure to take a camera and make the most of each stoppage.


8. Hanging with the locals

The local  people are fascinating and friendly, and you’ll get a unique insight into their lives during the trek.

Mount Toubkal trek - Bucketlister and guide

9. The views (part 3)

Do I even need to say anything about this one?

Mount Toubkal trek - mountain views

10. Enjoy the local wildlife

Toubkal is a rich habitat for all sorts of wildlife – keep your eyes peeled and see what you can spot!

Mount Toubkal trek - wildlife

11. Not exactly your average accommodation

This isn’t like your holiday down in Tenby or Newquay – be prepared to stay and feel like a genuine nomad.

Mount Toubkal trek - the mountain hut

12. Get to the top!

That’s what it’s all about, right?!  The sense of accomplishment when you get to the top of Toubkal has to be experienced to be understood.

Mount Toubkal trek - group at the summit

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