Why Nepal’s Langtang Valley deserves a spot on every adventurer junkie’s Bucket List

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If you’re considering a trip to Nepal, here’s why you need to check out the Langtang Valley – ideal for EVERY kind of adventurer…

Nepal’s Langtang Valley is one of the most breathtaking places on earth – and that’s not something we say lightly!

Located in the northern region of Nepal by the border with Tibet, a journey through the Langtang Valley will take you through remote villages, snow-capped mountains, stunning glaciers and more than your fair share of pristine landscapes. 

The valley is dominated by Langtang Lirung, the highest peak in the area, which stands at 7,246 metres. It’s also home to some spectacular wildlife, including snow leopards, bears and monkeys, among others. 

So it’s obviously a pretty cool place (otherwise we wouldn’t have created an inCREDible Langtang Nepal itinerary) – and here’s why Langtang’s so great for every kind of adventurer…  

Why Langtang is great for the mountain lovers

The Himalayas are iconic for a reason. 

Among mountain lovers, the Himalayas are held in incredibly high esteem and it’s something that’s at the heart of everything about Langtang. 

To put it bluntly, if you’re a mountain lover then Langtang is an absolute must-visit destination, especially if you’ve already done Everest Base Camp!

For any avid mountaineer (for the avoidance of doubt, you’re allowed to call yourself that no matter how much of an adventurer you think you are, a mountain is a mountain!), Langtang has it all. 

It’s not just about the tallest mountains either, there are also fantastic opportunities to explore glorious valleys and scenery.

In fact, one of the most picturesque parts of our Langtang Trek is when we reach Kyanjin Gompa (that’s 3811 metres above sea level), a U-shaped valley which comprises small villages, streams, and glorious scenery. 

Between Langtang and Kyanjin Gompa, you can even see both Yansa Tsenji (6580 metres) and Kimshun (6750 metres) to the north and the Langtang Himal to the northwest.

Check out day 7 of our Langtang Trek itinerary here to find out more about what’s in it for mountain lovers.

Oh, and aside from that, there’s also the chance to see the 7246 metre-high Langtang Lirung, as well as Lenpo Gang, Dorje Lakpa, Langshisa Ri, Urkinmang and Ganchenpo amongst many, many others. Not bad, right?

Nepal’s Langtang Valley deserves a spot on every adventurer junkie’s Bucket List
Why Nepal’s Langtang Valley deserves a spot on every adventurer junkie’s Bucket List - mountain at night with moon

Why Nepal’s Langtang Valley is great for trekkers too

These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do.

That’s the conversation I have with my walking boots every time I head out on an adventure, anyway…

For any keen trekker, the next adventure is never too far away and there are few more sought-after adventures than the Himalayas.

The Langtang Trek is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure but it’s definitely not a gentle stroll in the park on a Sunday morning.

The views are spectacular, the experience is incredible, and the wildlife is on another level but it’s a trip that’s made for trekkers looking to take in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

With a 20-day itinerary, a lot of that is made up of trekking throughout high altitudes and glorious valleys, which makes it the ideal trip for trekkers looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary. Prepare to get your steps in.

Don’t worry though, there’s still free time built into your trip – check it out here for a bit more info.

From Kathmandu to Langtang with a whole lot of adventure still in store, there’s not much this trip doesn’t deliver on.

It’s always nice to have a reward for your trek too. A bit like on a Sunday when you finally reach the pub after a long, wet, and rainy trek somewhere in the UK (we’ve all been there), it’s great to enjoy the sense of achievement. 

Well, in the Langtang Valley, you’ll get that and more – Tibetan Buddhist Stupas are just one of many incredible sights you’ll see along the way.

Love wildlife? Here’s why Nepal’s Langtang Valley is great for animal lovers…

Now I can’t promise you’ll see any yetis. Or the Abominable Snowman, as he prefers to be known.

But what we do know is that you’re likely to see your fair share of stunning wildlife whilst you’re in Nepal’s Langtang Valley. 

We’re talking potentially seeing wolves, black bears, brown bears, yak, deer, snow leopards (well, maybe) and a whole lot more.

Oh, and birds too. Lots and lots of birds.

Many of the more unique animals are spotted at higher altitudes, although they also tend to be quite shy and elusive, so if you do spot any of them, don’t expect to see them again! 

At lower altitudes, you’re likely to spot red pandas and marmots, which is always a joy to behold.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing nature as it’s meant to be experienced – out in the wild. That’s something at the heart of what we do on so many of our trips and none more so than the Langtang Trek, which is all about experiencing the beautiful terrain and landscape that Nepal has to offer.

If you’re an animal lover, this one should be heading straight on your Bucket List.

Why Nepal’s Langtang Valley deserves a spot on every adventurer junkie’s Bucket List - yak on mountain
Why Nepal’s Langtang Valley deserves a spot on every adventurer junkie’s Bucket List - women standing looking at mountains

Why Nepal’s Langtang Valley is great for culture junkies

If you’re always looking for that next adventure where you can immerse yourself in a new culture and experience all it has to offer, you’re in luck.

Nepal has a rich history and a unique culture that’s pretty hard to beat.

From the very start of our trip, culture is at the heart of everything we do. Arriving in Kathmandu is a special experience, largely thanks to the presence of an incredible landscape coupled with its blend of Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

That alone means you’ll find stunning monasteries, temples, and religious festivals throughout the year, delivering everything you’d expect in terms of culture, history, colour and celebrations. 

Even just in Kathmandu, you can enjoy the Dashain festival, the Holi festival and the Tihar festival each and every year.

And if food’s more your thing, you’re in for a genuine treat.

Think steamed dumplings, puri (fried bread) and various dishes made from lentils and rice including authentic curries and traditional dishes honed over hundreds of years.

Thukpa, a noodle soup popular in the Himalayan region, is as warming as it is delicious after a long day of trekking, while dal bhat, Nepal’s national dish, is a must-taste. 

Enjoying tea in a teashop in Dursagang, a traditional settlement, is an experience that can’t be beaten. Nor is seeing the small Buddhist monastery of Gompa along the way. That’s day 10 of our trek, if you want to find out more here.

Why do Langtang with The Bucket List Company?

On our Langtang Trek (check it out here) you’ll be led by expert UK and local guides through dense forests, across raging rivers and atop high altitudes. 

Yep, you’ll even reach the peak of Tserko Ri at more than 4,600 metres – that’s roughly 5.5x the height of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

If all that isn’t enough of a reason to add it to your Bucket List, the fact that you’ll meet tonnes of friendly people AND enjoy a unique cultural experience should nudge it a whole lot closer. 

With manageable monthly payment instalments available, there’s really not much between you and your adventure of a lifetime – so why not check out our itinerary and starting packing?!

nepal buildings with sunset in the back

The Highlights Of Our Langtang Trek Trip

We think all 20 days of our Langtang Trek trip are highlights… Apart from the bit where you have to get on the plane back home, at least.

But if you really twisted our arms, we’d say that the highlights of the Langtang Valley adventure are…

  • Day 1 – Arriving in Kathmandu – Nothing can really beat arriving on the first day of your trip and knowing what lies ahead of you. Kathmandu is a spectacular capital city and it’s a great way to kick off the trip. It has all you’d expect from a bustling city coupled with a unique cultural experience that makes it pretty special. (Find out more about our favourite things to do in Kathmandu in our blog here.)
  • Day 4 – Ghoretabela – Reaching an altitude of 3048 metres, this is where the real fun begins. Walking through cool forests of oak and maple, you’ll start to feel the sense of adventure rising as you do too (see what we did there). You’ll follow winding paths above rivers with precipitous drops, led by expert guides and as you continue the trek, the view will open up and you’ll catch glimpses of Langtang Lirung, at 7246 metres tall. Urgh, it’s just disgustingly beautiful!
  • Day 7 Langshisha Kharka – At this point, you’re well into the swing of things and looking forward to each and every day as we enjoy new experiences. This one’s all about altitude as we hit 4125 metres and if you’re up for the challenge, there’s even the chance to climb Tsergo Ri and return to Kyanjin Gompa the same day, where you’ll be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the 7246 Langtang Lirung, the mountain that dominates the Langtang valley.
  • Day 11 – Cross Pass to Gosaikunda – After Sing Gompa, you’ll continue your journey along the trail through the Rhodendron Forest. This is a fantastic experience as you witness all that nature has to offer in the forest, with the different flora and fauna in the habitat. As you reach Cholang Pati, you’ll even be able to see Tibet in the distance as well as the Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli and Manaslu. The reward at the end of the day is reaching the holy Gainkund, the third and largest lake where people come to worship and bathe during the full moon festival every August. 
  • Day 16 – Tarangmarang – You’ll notice from the itinerary that the altitude is on the way back down by day 16 as things slowly head back to Kathmandu. At this point, the trail descends down to the Malemchi river to Tarangmarang, a busy trading village where you can cool off with a swim after a long day (or 16!) of trekking. 
  • Day 19 – Free Day in Kathmandu – While you’ve got a free day in Kathmandu at the start of the trip, this one always has a different vibe. It’s the perfect chance to reflect on the trip, review what you’ve enjoyed and take in the fact that you’ve just daubed a giant tick on your Bucket List. The sense of pride and achievement is serious! 

You can find out more about our Langtang Trek trip in Nepal by clicking here, including information on dates and availability, add ons, and even FAQs.

Click Here To View Our Langtang Trek!

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