Why You Should Go Travelling With Friends

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The Joy of Travelling With Friends!

I’m sure no one would ever pass up an opportunity to go travelling or on an unforgettable adventure holiday with their friends! But how many of us actually make this happen and make it more than just a ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if’ conversation or a hypothetical dream that always get discussed but never made reality?!

Here is why you should make that extra effort in the organisation, take the chance and book an adventure with your friends!

  • You’re more likely to make exciting memories
  • It makes you feel more fulfilled
  • You will form closer bonds with your friends
  • You tend to have the same things in common, so will want the same out of the adventure
  • Sharing the experiences with your friends will add value and make you appreciate them more.

This is based on the research from The Association For Psychological Science, who conducted a survey with 23 female students that tested the experience they had when eating chocolate. The results highlighted the students enjoyed the chocolate more when they were eating it with their friends rather than alone. They also felt more connected to each other through sharing and eating the same chocolate at the same time.

If you actually take a minute to think about this, it is true! Your experiences whilst travelling will be vastly different to what you experience with your friends in your daily, routined life and having your friends there to share it with you will strengthen the bond between you. As well as this, you will both grow and learn from travelling and you will have done this together.

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Friends that you have travelled with and experienced new cultures will end up being your most cherished friends.

A nationwide survey, called Meet the Millennials, published that 58% of young travellers go with their friends. This is 20% above more than any other age group. So really, it’s a no brainer! When you next get the opportunity to go away with your friends – don’t hesitate! It could turn out to be a serious amount of fun and end up as some of your most cherished memories.

Plus, you’ll also get to start conversations like ‘When we were in Barcelona’ or ‘Remember that time in Thailand’ and that’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do, especially as the years pass but the memories remain!

‘You won’t always remember what was said at a given point in time, but you will always remember how you felt!’

So, to book your group adventure, contact us today on 0176 930 9007!

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