Your Guide to Nepal Trekking Permits and Fees (2024)

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Renowned for its majestic Himalayan peaks, including the unparalleled Mt. Everest, Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. As we stride ahead into 2024, arm yourself with all the updated information you need to navigate your Nepal trekking permits and fees, ensuring a seamless adventure experience.

Trekking Permits in Nepal

Before embarking on your next trekking adventure in Nepal, obtaining the necessary permits is crucial. As regulations may vary across different regions, here’s a straightforward primer:

  1. TIMS Card: Assumed by all trekkers, the Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS) Card is a basic permit issued by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), aiming to ensure trekkers’ safety and security.
  2. Restricted Area Permit (RAP): Ideal for those travelling off the beaten track, the RAP allows access to the ‘restricted’ trekking areas, often in northern and eastern Nepal, such as Upper Mustang, Nar-Phu Valley, and Manaslu.
  3. National Park/ Conservation Area Permit: For trekkers exploring Nepal’s national parks or conservation sites, this permit is essential. Areas like Sagarmatha National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area, and Langtang National Park fall in this category.
Your Guide to Nepal Trekking Permits and Fees (2024) - trekking with trees
Your Guide to Nepal Trekking Permits and Fees (2024) - selfie on trek

2024 Permit Fees

Fees for Nepal trekking permits typically vary upon the region and trekking route you choose:

  1. TIMS Card: For solo trekkers, the TIMS Card costs USD 20, while those trekking with a group need to pay USD 10 each.
  2. Restricted Area Permit (RAP): Prices range vastly from USD 70 – USD 500 per week, depending on the specific region.
  3. National Park/ Conservation Area Permit: Fees average at USD 30 per entry.
  4. Peak Climbing Permits: For Island Peak and Mera Peak, climbers will pay a fee of USD 250, while for Ama Dablam, the fee stands at USD 400.

These costs are subject to change and may be revised by the corresponding authorities in 2024.

Kindly note that all fees are subject to change by the NTB and other governing bodies and may be revised in line with the changing landscape of tourism in Nepal.

Why Permits Matter

Amid the thrill of your pending adventure, you might wonder about the importance of these permits. Here’s why they play a crucial role:

  1. Safety and Security: Your permit details – including your name, nationality, and travel details – provide a useful record, ensuring that authorities can help you efficiently in case of emergencies.
  2. Preserving Natural Landscapes: Permit fees contribute directly to conservation efforts, helping maintain and preserve these beloved environments for future generations.
  3. Supporting Local Communities: Permit fees often lend support to secluded and rural communities through various infrastructure, education, and healthcare projects.
Your Guide to Nepal Trekking Permits and Fees (2024) - trekking with water stream
Your Guide to Nepal Trekking Permits and Fees (2024) - trekking up steep area

Securing Your Permit

To obtain your permits, you can either visit the Nepal Tourism Board Offices in Kathmandu or Pokhara or secure them through a registered trekking agency.

Keep in mind that while securing permits might seem like an administrative hurdle, it is a fundamental part of your trekking adventure ensuring a hassle-free, responsible excursion.

At The Bucket List Company, we take care of all permit requisites for our trekkers to present you with a seamless experience and the thrill of focusing solely on your trek. We’re committed to helping our trekkers explore exotic landscapes responsibly, respecting the land that provides us unforgettable adventures.

Embrace the highlands, bask in the grandeur of towering Himalayan peaks, and indulge in the cultural richness of Nepal, knowing you’re contributing towards the preservation of this unique mountain sanctuary. Here’s to experiencing the trek of a lifetime in Nepal!

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